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Published:February 18th, 2008 09:06 EST gets big boost from media exposure gets big boost from media exposure

By SOP newswire

Holmen, WI --'s T-shirts were recently featured in an edition of Christian Retailing magazine and have been purchased by numerous individuals and purchased by churches to give away as gifts and as fund raisers.

When Brian Horvath set out to make apologetics relevant in new ways, he didn't anticipate how people would take his T-shirt line and imagine their own ways to apply them. A senior theology teacher at a Christian high school in Michigan, Brian anticipated that the shirts would be used primarily by young people wanting to evangelize and learn more about the foundations of their faith.

Since their release, however, he has found that many churches want to purchase the shirts as fund raisers or to stock their gift shelves. The most novel request came from a person who wanted to emulate the shirts in the virtual reality universe 'Second Life.' Brian is happy to put the shirts out into circulation however people want to take them.

Featured in the January 7th edition of Christian Retailing magazine's 'Inspirational Giftware' section and highlighted in a ChristianPost article about evangelizing in a postmodern era, the concept of putting simple but profound questions and answers regarding Christianity's most difficult issues has clearly caught people's attention.

Brian says, "The shirts and the brochures we give are just starting points meant to show both the wearer and the reader that there is a lot to learn, but Christianity can hold up under scrutiny."

Each shirt is accompanied by a brochure written by Brian's brother, ten year veteran of apologetics ministry, Anthony Horvath. Anthony is also available to visit churches to help equip them with further training, especially if they intend to use the shirts for deliberate evangelism programs.

Anthony explains, "These shirts expose both Christians and nonChristians to the great wealth of scholarship available to support Christianity. We want to be available if people want to go deeper."

"We like the idea of using the shirts as fundraisers," Brian adds. "The shirts have real value unlike some fundraising items. We have bulk prices available and we hope that leaders will tap into our experience teaching high school students and interacting with nonChristians. Youth Groups and Bible Studies might like the shirts, too."

To read the Christian Retailing article and learn more about the shirts you can visit Anthony's apologetics website is Both brothers are available for interviews. Email:

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