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Published:February 21st, 2008 10:35 EST
Ken Van Liew and the REI Academy - Building Better Futures

Ken Van Liew and the REI Academy - Building Better Futures

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Kenneth J. Van Liew is the founder of The Real Estate Investment Academy.  Best Selling author of How to Create & Master Clients for Life and How to Buy your Dream Home with little or No Money Down, Even With Imperfect Credit.  He is a Senior Leader in the Anthony Robbins Organization and has built over $1.2 Billion in Commercial Real Estate development projects.

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Korby Waters is the Publisher of The Real Estate Investment Academy and Director of Operations.   Mr. Waters is a Master Trainer and Motivational Speaker with a unique background in business systemization.  He holds Master of Business degrees in Team Training, Leadership, Systemization and Development.

Frederick Simard is the Editor in Chief of The Real Estate Investment Academy and Director of Business Development in charge of joint ventures, advertising and public relations. Mr. Simard holds a marketing degree and is an expert in direct marketing, advertising and sales bringing 10 years of diversified experience to the Academy. 

Maria Marques has been with Mr. Van Liew for 10 years running the administrative operations.  She is the Director of Administration and in charge of membership and customer service.  She lives in Florida with her husband Fernando, raised two daughters Stephanie and Christine, and has two grandchildren.

Allen Avery is the Director of Technical Services and in charge of the web site and domain logistics.  He has been an entrepreneur since the ripe age of 23 and brings vast technical experience to the Academy.

The Beginning…

In 2007, I realized that my true passion and mission in life was to contribute my experience to other individuals allowing a continuous cycle for growth in life and specifically in the real estate industry.

Furthermore, it was the opportunity to give individuals an arena, which my mentors gave me, to build a community, share success stories, and publish articles, in addition to having a place that offers all of the latest investment tools, strategies and leadership skills to succeed in real estate and life.

Remember…LUCK is the cornerstone when preparation meets opportunity, which strengthens my belief that giving is receiving, which is the main reason why I founded The Real Estate Investment Academy. 

As I look back at my accomplishments over the last 26 years, I look at the mentors that assisted me throughout the schools of hard knocks and believe me I have a couple of lumps on my head if you look closely at the picture above…just kidding.

As I see it, motivation, leadership and real estate are the largest information marketing businesses in the world, which required this web site to be established to provide guidance with an over delivered positive outcome. These three areas of training are very closely knitted in the big scheme of things because in my opinion, it takes motivated leaders to play the game of real estate.  The game is easy once you believe you can do it!  When you believe, you manifest the knowledge, find the tools and you attract the mentors to help you through the process and most of all we feel strongly that you can succeed.

The Real Estate Investment Academy was developed to provide membership with a hands-on place to get answers to everyday problems in life and extraordinary expertise in real estate.  We all have our daily challenges and believe me it’s always nice to know someone is watching your back.  I truly want the Real Estate Investment Academy to grow into a massive fraternity and sorority of brothers and sisters sharing, growing together and making the world a better place.

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