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Published:March 2nd, 2008 06:54 EST
INCENTIVE FAILURE...Why Are American Businesses Failing? Part 1

INCENTIVE FAILURE...Why Are American Businesses Failing? Part 1

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Well what does your company do to create powerful effective incentives?  Are your employees excited about coming to work or is it a real drag to get them to the office and on time?  Is it time to upgrade to something new and different? Maybe you should just revamp your old program for one that truly works for your entire organization.  Incentive Failure is one of the reasons why businesses in America are failing.  Let's take a look at this from ground zero.   It appears the word incentive is a 17th century Latin word that has to do with "something that sets the tune to sound".  The MSN Encarta dictionary online puts it like this..."using an opportunity to find something that motivates someone to do something or to serve someone through encouragement." 

Do you feel the encouragement at work?

Most people take liberty to complain an awful lot about the poor encouragement they receive at work.  I dare you to just listen or ear hustle through out the day and you'll hear it too in businesses all across America.  And let me begin by saying I'm not blaming businesses for the personal ills that most people have.  As a rule of thumb most people complain anyway and often because of a poor self image.  If they could see themselves better they'd probably work harder at toning the complaining part down.  Don't you be a a problem solver and you'll make more money and be a whole lot happier.  But getting back to the question about you feeling encouraged at work, most people would probably say "NO" and some would probably say "rarely" while only a few would say "when I'm at work I feel encouraged most of the time". 

Incentive Failure is really one letter short of "INVENTIVE FAILURE"

Well if you're not feeling like the organization you work at offers you the kind of environment that really promotes encouragement and incentive programs that inspire you to be your best why don't you say something about it?  Is your company that poorly managed that your offering of advice could be threatening or subject you to isolation by staff?  I hope not.  But as a rule when you make a critical suggestion you should always bring along with you a possible solution that you feel will offer your organization something to think about that could make your company a better place to work at.  This will also buffer or soften the criticism.  Most companies in America are failing because people are over worked, under employed, underpaid and have no time to invest in solutions that will make their work better.  So the offering of incentives that work are lacking in most peoples companies unless your organization really makes good at bringing in consultants on a regular basis or offers employees the opportunity to brainstorm regularly.  The lack of incentive failure in American businesses is only an effect that points back to the cause or the root of the problem which is INVENTIVE FAILURE. 

Don't be average...Get the little "c" out of your In entive program

That's right move the average approach in your incentive program and change it to V and make it an Inventive program.  I worked for a company once that incorporated an incentive program where they were looking to increase company morale which I thought was a great idea.  So they offered a bi-annual award with monetary compensation where one of the employees won it several times in a row for years without drawing any concern from upper management.  To upper management it was perfectly fine but I was seeing a much bigger problem they weren't.  You see the incentive program began to reduce the morale of the organization as more employees were complaining to one another in small circles about the outrageousness of how this was being mismanaged.  First of all the employee who was winning the award all the time had unclear advantage because they were allowed to float between several jobs giving them more leverage to impact a larger body of employees across the small company.  The votes cast came from these same employees who benefited from the one employees service.  The problem was that all other employees were limited to working only in one job thereby limiting the amount of people they could impact within the company and eventually the amount of votes they could get.  To my surprise the leaders of the organization could not see this unfair advantage and on top of that they could not see the complaining going on all throughout the organization.  The moral of the lesson is when you create an incentive program allow all employees equal opportunity to receive the incentive award and place a small cap on it for at least a limited time to prevent employees from winning the award especially if the incentive award is limited to the votes of internal workers only.  Now in a sales capacity where votes could come from the customers purchasing of products that's clearly a fair incentive program based on sales.

Be Inventive with your incentives... 

When you work at being inventive with your incentive programs you take the liberty to allow more of your governing body of the organization to be awarded.  This should be the goal of a great incentive program.  Businesses in America are failing because they are not inspiring their workers with the kind of encouragement that makes employees feel like they really do matter.  It's quite easy to see that CEO's are being awarded for their work so why can't American businesses see that their employees need to be fed with a good diet of "gut-loading" incentives.  If you want to help your business survive during these tough economic times...spread the wealth and increase the health of your employees by being inventive with your incentives.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE

(c) 2007 by Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive


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