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Published:May 23rd, 2008 11:51 EST
New Version of iPhone Will Soon Be Available

New Version of iPhone Will Soon Be Available

By Robert Paul Reyes

I write editorials about current events and politics for a newspaper and several Web sites; this means that I have to keep up with all aspects of pop culture. I can tell you the last time Britney Spears flashed her nether regions, and the names of the top ten finalists for American Idol.

I do however lag behind when it comes to technology; I`m always the last person in my circle of friends to buy the latest must-have technological gizmo. I`ve never downloaded a movie or a song, and I wouldn`t know an MP3 player from one of those thingamajigs that measures your blood sugar level. I still have dial-up Internet access which not only makes me behind the times, but a virtual Luddite.

Most of my colleagues have top-of-the-line mobile phones like the iPhone or a Crackberry; I have a basic cell phone that doesn`t even have a digital camera. Call me old-fashioned, but isn`t a phone for placing and receiving calls, and not for taking pictures, sending text messages, browsing the Internet, and taking videos of your friends in compromising positions that you can post on YouTube?

Most of my friends are excited about the new version of the iPhone that will soon hit the market:

"AT&T Inc has yet to determine pricing for a hotly anticipated new version of Apple Inc`s media-playing iPhone, ATT`s chief financial officer told Reuters on Thursday.

`There`s not been a product announcement. There hasn`t been any pricing decisions made. That`s yet to come,` CFO Rick Lindner told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York.

AT&T, the exclusive U.S. carrier of the iPhone, has said it expects a next-generation iPhone that runs on faster, 3G networks, in the coming months."

The full text of the story is on at:

I may shock everybody and upgrade to an iPhone, but only if the price is reasonable. I lose everything from my pen to my umbrella, I can`t afford to replace a lost phone that costs hundreds of dollars.

I am as susceptible to smart marketing as the next guy, and several times I`ve almost been convinced to buy an iPhone after watching an advertisement.

Who knows if the commercial is cool and the price is right, I may buy the new version of the iPhone when it becomes available.