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Published:May 25th, 2008 06:23 EST
Mattel, can you SAY Megalomaniac?

Mattel, can you SAY Megalomaniac?

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Mattel has a mouth full of explaining to do.  Their latest endeavor to overcome their Chinese competition is to declare war on an American family publishing company, Super Duper Publications, claiming ownership of the word say. "  This can easily lead one to believe Mattel made the mistake of hiring former Clinton Administration lawyers.  Say, is that sound?

One thing Mattel has gained from its multi-million-dollar demolition derby is to earn the ire of millions of parents and educators.  Super Duper Publications specializes in teaching materials for special needs and autistic children and has filled a critical marketplace need for such teaching tools.  Now, Mattel is fielding a firestorm of rage from these loyal Super Duper customers.  Phones, Internet and even Mattel snail mail is overwhelmed with flaming Super Duper fans who say, Stop the assassination of Super Duper Publications! "

Mattel continues its crusade against Super Duper, nonetheless.  Annual earnings of $5.6 billion seems to make Mattel motivated to maneuver themselves into a position of dominance over the English language even if it kills them-- and it may well do just that.  Now, in addition to paying legal fees, court costs and, of course, lawyers, Mattel is fighting the financial frenzy which always follows corporate folly.  Oh, say, Mattel, can you see and pay for the spin?* Can you say, Falling bottom line? "

Mattel`s greed and gargantuan miscalculation makes for fun stuff.  On their web site, Mattel claims, Leaders at Mattel align themselves with Mattel`s core values . . . . "  Say, what?  Mattel, have you lost your mind?  If you are leading the way to the destruction of small American family businesses, remember, Those who lead into captivity must go into captivity. "

Mattel, your vision to be The World`s Premier Toy Brands-- Today and Tomorrow " is experiencing an exponential setback.  Tomorrow is long gone-- today, you`re not so much a toy company as you are a joke.


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