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Published:June 3rd, 2008 19:05 EST
Play or Experience Professional Malnutrition

Play or Experience Professional Malnutrition

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Why do you work where you work? It is the power and prestige of your position that attracts you to your place of business? Are you challenged to be the very best that you can possibly be? Do your leaders, peers and clients provide intellectual stimulation that causes your mind to be stretched, your spirit to soar, and your heart to jump for joy? In case you are wondering ?I don`t work. I play all day every day. While some would call what I do work, I choose to call it my calling, passion and brilliance. And guess what? It feeds my soul. Even when I am in the midst of a challenging situation, I call it an opportunity to grow. (I just change my perspective " it`s like trying to enjoy the squash and okra my mother strongly urged me to eat growing up.)

A friend of mine in the Washington, D.C. area recently shared with me that she had quit her job and was looking for a new one. I mentioned that most people keep a job until they find another one. She informed me that in her gut she could hardly bear the thought of driving each day to a place where she was bored to tears, unhappy and suffering from professional malnutrition. She said to me earnestly, I want more than a paycheck. ? I stared at the phone with a blank look ?and thought to myself ?are you kidding me? You want more than a paycheck. WOW ?what a concept. She turns 50 this year and believes she can work another twenty years. Her employer didn`t have enough work to keep her engaged. Therefore, she fired herself.

I challenge you to reinvent yourself at your place of business. Transform everything that you are doing ?do it better, do it bigger and be intentional. Why? If you are professionally starving, then it`s your own fault. I would like to invite you to get engaged or get out. You are holding up space for someone who really wants and needs that job. It is not the human resource department`s job to provide meaning for you in the workplace. It`s your job to rediscover how to play and release your brilliance.