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Published:June 18th, 2008 14:54 EST
Sharon Webber:  Forever Giving

Sharon Webber: Forever Giving

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

We like to believe we know success when we see it.  Behold Sharon Webber, President of Super Duper Publications, Inc.  Sharon personifies and embodies our concept of the successful leader who creates opportunities for others as she marches herself and her family to prosperity.  We can easily be filled with awe when we consider the exceptional business she and her husband, Thomas, have built.  Still, Sharon will tell you that the most precious part of prosperity is having the opportunity to smooth the pathway for future generations.


Sharon created many highly-successful tools used by other speech-language pathologists to communicate basic and advanced concepts to special need and autistic children.  This astonishing feat was simply her first accomplishment, not her last.  Prosperity was never the point for Sharon, only the spring board.


Along with her husband, Thomas, Sharon founded the original Speech-Language-Hearing University Partner Programâ„¢ for every certified master`s level speech and language program in North America.  Since 1993, Sharon has donated more than $5 million of therapy tools to more than 230 different universities where they are studied and used by master`s level students to develop their skills.


Also through Super Duper Publications, Sharon founded the first Special Education University Partner Programâ„¢ where she has given more than $2 million in multi-media teaching materials for special education programs within 282 institutions in the USA and Canada.


The University of South Carolina`s Arnold School of Public Health presented Sharon their 2004 Distinguished Alumni Award. 


Also in 2004, University of Georgia`s College of Education garnered Sharon with their first Distinguished Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award in Speech Pathology and Audiology.


Rarely do we see successful people actively reaching out to give a leg-up to young, struggling students.  Sharon and Thomas Webber are passionate about doing just that.  They have established scholarships at University of South Carolina, University of Georgia and Notre Dame.  The Webbers are forever giving.


Yes, we know success when we see it.  What we cannot see, however, is the impact one life has on the lives of others.  As has been said, the impact of one pebble in the sea of time cannot be measured until the ripple reaches the shore of Eternity.  Judging from Super Duper Love Letters, the ripples may never end.


Congratulations, Sharon, and thank you for your dedication, your determination and your leadership.