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Published:June 22nd, 2008 13:27 EST
Bud (The King Of Beers) In Danger Of Being Sold To Belgian Company

Bud (The King Of Beers) In Danger Of Being Sold To Belgian Company

By Robert Paul Reyes

Miller High Life is promoted as the "Champagne of Beers", but Budweiser is the "The King of Beers." I may know the slogans of most of the beer companies, but that doesn`t mind that I am an alcoholic. A presidential candidate would win if he promised a mini-van in every garage, a high-def TV in every living room, and a keg of Bud in every kitchen.

 Budweiser When I heard the distressing news that the Belgian company InBev is seeking to buy Anheuser-Busch (parent company of Bud), I always spit out my Bud all over my jeans. If Iran purchased the Statue of Liberty and dressed her in a burqa, it wouldn`t be as troubling.

Our international prestige is at an all-time low and the dollar is sinking like a stone -- we just can`t allow a foreign company to buy an iconic American brand. I wish I could rally my fellow beer drinkers to fight this pending takeover of such a beloved American brand, but the only thing beer drinkers are concerned about is who will buy the next round.

Where are Obama and McCain when we need them the most, why haven`t they spoken out against this abomination? Americans want a president they can share a beer with, but we will be forever grateful to a candidate who will save Budweiser from foreign control.

Obama and McCain: This Bud is for you, and my vote will also be for you if you save Bud from the clutches of InBev.