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Published:June 30th, 2008 19:12 EST
Is Google God?

Is Google God?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Google is an invaluable tool in doing research for my articles, snooping on my old friends, and locating the latest batch of risque Britney Spears pics. Google is the only search engine that matters, I`ve even heard folks who use the Yahoo search engine say: Let me google that on Yahoo.

Google wasn`t content to be the biggest and baddest search engine in the world, it`s on a mission from God to take over the world. There are more Google products that you can shake a mouse at: Google Earth, Google Health, Google Maps, Picassa, Gmail...

Google has so much money it can buy the hottest sites on the Web; why waste money creating your own video-sharing site, just buy YouTube.

You may have noticed I`ve been referring to Google as if it were an entity, or an individual. That`s because Google is God-like: It sees everything (Google Earth). It knows everything (Google Search). It has access to your medical records (Google Health) It can punish you ( It can air your most embarrassing moment on YouTube). It knows what`s stored in your computer (Google Desktop). It speaks every language in the world (Google Translation Services). It knows who you correspond with (Gmail).

Google isn`t afraid to take on the giants of the business world, one day the Gphone will replace the iPhone. And one day in the not too distant future I will leave my Ghome, drive my Gcar to a Google-owned company and enter data into a Gcomputer. This is Google`s world, and I`m grateful they let me use their products.

Google is a restless behemoth, every day it extends its tentacles to new ventures and new businesses:

"Google is getting into the entertainment delivery business this fall with `Family Guy` creator Seth MacFarlane in a deal to distribute via Google AdSense, Web-only episodes of series "Seth MacFarlane`s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy."

The series will only be available on the Internet and will be promoted by Google. However, unlike Google`s traditional AdSense text and banner ads, the show Cavalcade will be promoted through relatively unknown Google service called Google Content Network. Using AdSense video clips Cavalcade promos will be embedded on thousands of Web sites frequented by Family Guy fans (read males under 30), according to a report by the New York Times."

For the full text of this article go to:

My editor is not to thrilled with huge corporations getting into the podcast business:

"The mainstream media and big Internet providers are trying to snuff out the small time podcast companies.

The very concept of "I Carly" on the Disney Channel is about a creative teen who has a web program. Kind of like a Wayne`s world of the 21st century. Google is crushing the little guy. the concept of "I Carly" in real life will now be a fantasy."

I share the concerns of my editor, Google doesn`t need to take over every aspect of the Internet.

I`d better go light a candle to the great Google God, I don`t want my thousands of Google hits to suddenly disappear.

Just kidding Oh Mighty Google: You Rock!