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Published:July 15th, 2008 10:04 EST
Fast Food Giant, Jack In The Box, Outsourcing Jobs

Fast Food Giant, Jack In The Box, Outsourcing Jobs

By Robert Paul Reyes

Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with corporations outsourcing Information Technology jobs, but now a fast-food giant is also getting into the outsourcing game:

"The popular fast food chain Jack In The Box is testing a new program designed to increase customer service while cutting costs.

Jack In The Box

They are outsourcing drive thru workers at several North Carolinas restaurants. You could be talking to someone thousands of miles away while you`re ordering your taco or burritos. Several Charlotte Jack In The Box restaurants are testing an outsourcing program. Your drive thru order could be put in by a person in Texas."

Quotation from Fox23News.Com

Today it`s a person in Texas taking the order from a drive thru customer in North Carolina, tomorrow it could be someone with an Indian accent asking: Do you want fries with that?

I don`t care if someone in India, with a difficult to understand accent, is taking my drive thru order -- it won`t make any difference. Whenever I place my order in the intercom, I can never make out what the clerk is saying, and apparently they can`t understand me either. They always get the order wrong, I can place a request for a Whopper, super-sized fries and a Diet Coke, and end up with a freaking salad and coffee.

I hope this outsourcing trend doesn`t catch on, I can imagine a dude calling his favorite escort service and having his call handled by a person in a call center in India:

Vishnu: Good Morning, may I be of assistance?

Horny customer: Hey pal, it ain`t the morning, it`s the middle of the freakin` night.

Vishnu: My apologies sir!

Horny customer: Don`t send me no fat cow like the last time. I want a skinny babe, Gimme one who looks like a crack head.

Vishnu: Sir, I wouldn`t dream of sending you a cow, you Americans would probably, the gods forbid, barbeque it. Oh, sir, No, No No, I will not send you a cow. Why do you want a young lady with a cracked head?

Horny customer: Whatcha talkin` about Willis?

Vishnu: Sir, we aren`t allowed to give out our real names, but I can assure you my name is not Willis

Horny customer: I don`t care if your name is Willis or Poindexter, just send me a freak-a-leek on the double.

Vishnu: Sir, it will cost you a $1,000 for two girls.

Horny customer: I didn`t request no two girls! Oh, nevermind. Drop dead pal.