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Published:January 16th, 2009 17:50 EST
Business Plan

Do You Want To See My Company's Business Plan?

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

I advocate for every business to have a business plan, complete with goals, plans and measurable outcomes. Every December, I work on the plan for our company and then I distribute it to each of our division leaders and managers.

In the spirit of motivating you to create a great plan for your company, I would like to share the first chapter of our company`s plan with you. The subsequent 10 chapters are detailed plans for each division, but the opening chapter sets the tone for all of the work that follows. That material is for the private use of our company only and it is not being shared here or anywhere.

We refer to this material frequently. We debrief and make changes as necessary. Our business plan is a living document that we work with on a constant basis. Please feel free to borrow from ours if it helps you to get on the right track toward building a highly spirited document for your company.

Chapter 1: Business Overview

The Purpose of this Document:
The purpose of this document is to lay out the overall goals, objectives, and projects that the management of Growth-Logic would like to see unfold in the calendar year 2009. We believe that by giving you the overview of what we would like to see happen, we can provide you with great leeway in how you as a division leader bring this business plan to life. The business plan of course is a living document and requires at all times that we review it, debrief, and rewrite as necessary.

Those debriefing sessions can happen on a monthly basis or perhaps on a quarterly basis. But it`s important that we review our goals and we review the progress that we`re making toward those goals on a very regular basis. The meetings that you`ll have with your coordinator will be designed to facilitate successful achievement of your goals. It`s always our goal for you to be successful. We do not want to put anyone into a situation where they can`t achieve the goals that we`ve established. However, it`s also our goal to stretch you just a little bit beyond what you think is possible, and by stretching you`ll be better off in the long run.

Compensation Overview
You`ll find in the pages that follow an overview of the division that we`ve asked you to be responsible for. Your compensation will largely be based on how well you perform based on the goals that we`ve agreed upon in advance. The outcome of the goal is critical, but we also believe that the activities that lead to the achievement of the goal are also important. Consequently, we`ll lay out with you numerous activities that we believe are critical for you to achieve so that the big picture goals can be achieved as well. Please be prepared to report on your progress not only on the achievement of the goal but also on your achievement of the activities that we`ve agreed upon with you in advance.

The Big Picture
This document provides only the big picture goals and objectives that we have. In some cases we`ve outlined suggestions for markets or for targets that we believe the division leader should go after. However, it`s the division leader`s responsibility to develop a marketing program for each of the projects that they wish to bring to life. The division leader should carefully review the Revenue Builder home study materials, paying especially careful attention to Revenue Builder module four for a careful explanation of the concept of creating a marketing program.

The company will also supply you, as a division leader, with certain support services such as desktop publishing, transcription, proofreading, editing, writing skills, and other services to help you take content and turn it into study guides and other types of materials that can be sold. We also will provide assistance in product marketing and promotion by helping you with issues such as blog posting, creating e-mails for auto-responder series, loading those into our proprietary technology system, and the creation of sales pages and distribution of videos to traffic circulation sites, et cetera.

Overall Goals
As a company, we want to accomplish the following major goals in 2009:

1.   Generate $xxx in gross sales by April 30, 2009.
2.   Company-wide revenue should exceed $xxx million in the 2009 calendar year.
3.   Expand our e-mail distribution list beyond xxx subscribers.

Who is Growth-Logic?
Growth-Logic is an international business advisory firm that focuses predominately on sales and revenue initiatives for emerging companies. Emerging companies can have revenues from zero all the way to $10M and sometimes more, but what`s most important is that these companies are on a fast growth track. All companies that Growth-Logic services are driven for serious growth and require serious support and advice from a company like ours. We supply complex business advice on topics relating to raising capital, growing revenue, building sales forces and developing compensation plans. We also mentor and coach business leaders -- in addition to providing education to the Team Members of client companies on all manners of successful entrepreneurship.

Who are Our Division Leaders?
All of our division leaders must be strong marketers and sales people because we don`t have room on our team for "ivory tower PhDs." All of us have to demonstrate that we`ve spent time in the trenches. That means that our division leaders will typically be people who have very strong sales and marketing backgrounds and capabilities. They may have lists of their own or they have the ability to generate traffic based on specific skills that they possess. Our clients expect nothing less than the best, and it`s our responsibility to deliver that to them.

Our Company Mantra
Our company`s mantra for 2009 is "be superlative." Based on the economy and factors that have already affected businesses around the country as well as around the globe, the bottom half of all service providers and suppliers will be washed out. In some industries it will be much more than 50%. The remainder have to be the best, the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, the hungriest, and the people who try the hardest because for those people they`re going to capture all the business that used to belong to the sector in the bottom that no longer exists. So the top 5%, 10% or 20% of business suppliers are going to experience tremendous success.

Growth-Logic`s goal is to help our clients achieve tremendous success by understanding why being superlative is so very important. It`s our goal to help them be superlative, and if we`re going to help them to be superlative, then the people who join our team must themselves be the best people in the marketplace. Growth-Logic will work carefully with you to develop your skills and make sure that you`re able to deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

 * * * End of Chapter 1 * * *

Does the first chapter of our business plan motivate you to build your plan? I hope it does. And if you need help with it, please call our office to get it moving. Especially at the beginning of a new yearly cycle, this planning process is critical.

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About Joel G. Block, President of Growth-Logic, Inc.
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