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Published:January 22nd, 2009 15:00 EST
Business Advice

Do We Need Business Advice on being More

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

Brilliant lighting architect, savvy deal maker and environmentally conscious citizen, my client and friend, Gerald Olesker, President of the Architectural Detail Group ( and I regularly talk about how we can work with companies to be more environmentally aware " and we look for ways to monetize green  opportunities. Below is some business advice that Gerald recently shared with me.

Beginning of Contributor Notes:

On January 20th 2009, Barack Obama became President of these United States. He has given us a charge to once again continue to be the most prosperous Nation on Earth, and in his inaugural address, he directed the American People to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off to remake America ".

There is a significant challenge, a large and measurable charge and a new opportunity to strive for success as individuals, corporations and a nation as a whole. What does this mean for the 21st century where we speak about "alternative energy sources" along with "Eco and sustainable practices" in business? Collectively, people use the term green without understanding its economic impact and with a hope that there is an environmental impact.

Ask yourself this group of questions; who, what, how, when, where and why, prior to engaging in Eco activity. If you are a business leader it is about the impact to your bottom line. If you are an environmentalist it is about the impact to the world around you and if you are a government leader it is about the needs of your communities with an impact to the government itself. I ask you to think about the challenge now placed before us by President Obama " Accountability.

Yesterday, as I (Gerald) began to analyze these questions and realized that Eco, (the first three letters of Economy) can be defined as Economy is to economize and Economy as are the Economic factors that drive us as a whole. Melding these definitions together is an Economical solution to our Economic problems. Parts of those solutions are reducing consumption to fulfill the bottom line needs of business and government. These needs are powered by our use of energy. Alternative energy is only an alternative source by definition, but reducing energy needs at the source responds to the above 6 questions.

Who is responsible? We all are.

What is our responsibility? To engage in activity and resolutions that will reduce our need and dependence for foreign oil while enhancing our bottom line economically.

How do we achieve these goals? By setting specific milestones and encouraging small business to respond and big business to be responsive.

When do we provide a resolution? Right now. Many companies are innovating to address these needs. For example The Architectural Detail Group created an economical solution to reduction needs with lighting through induction lighting technology

Where do we need to implement these strategies? Every commercial, retail and industrial location including parking lots, streets and parks needs the strategy.

Why do we need to be more `Eco`nomical? If we are not, we have failed as a world economic leader. Acceptance is that the challenges and opportunities for success to be deployed as our new administration takes office can be implemented by small business and big business immediately.

Take action today ( that impacts the bottom line by not consuming large quantities of energy (like lighting with induction lamps) will bring an incredible stimulus economically and opportunities large and small.

"Why" is both a rhetorical question and a challenge to change. Accept the challenge; invest in solutions, be part of the solutions of Eco and sustainability that impact the environment and the people and our businesses. Challenge yourselves and challenge others; hold each other accountable to invest `Eco`nomically

*   *   *  End of Contributor Comments  *  *  *

Joel`s thoughts:

1.  Gerald`s business advice is good: be a good citizen and adopt environmentally friendly actions.

2.  Ask the question: How can I monetize (or dollarize) this opportunity?  The outcome, if you think about environmental issues will be smart and it will blend your passion for green with more green. It is similar to how Gerald created induction lighting technology. Caring about green produces more green.

3.  Finally, if you want kick around some environmental thoughts or ideas, don`t hesitate to call Gerald directly.

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