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Published:January 30th, 2009 17:04 EST
Do Not Waste Economic Stimulus Funds on Illegal Aliens!

Do Not Waste Economic Stimulus Funds on Illegal Aliens!

By John Lillpop

In exchange for being allowed to saddle American citizens with budget deficits of nearly $1 trillion dollars a year for as far as the eye can see, President Obama has promised to create nearly four million jobs.

However, a major question that the president and his party must immediately answer is:

Will the jobs, funded by American taxpayers, be awarded exclusively to American citizens, or will illegal aliens be allowed to steal even more public services to which they are not entitled?

With the ranks of the unemployed swelling precipitously, the notion that "Illegal aliens are needed to do work Americans will not do" is becoming less and less believable, and more and more offensive with each jobless report issued by the Labor Department.

As reported, in part, by Yahoo News, "The number of people receiving unemployment benefits has reached an all-time record, the government said Thursday, as layoffs spread throughout the economy."

President Obama has promised to put millions of Americans to work on the nation`s infra-structure, i.e., crumbling bridges, schools, roads, public transportation and the like.

Infrastructure work means manual labor, jobs that greedy corporate executives often fill with illegal aliens in order to save money on salaries and benefits.

However, at a time when America is flirting with an economic meltdown of historic proportions, profit before patriotism is downright repugnant and un-American!

American Citizens Only! must be the mindset driving President Obama and Congress when it comes to doling out scores of billions of taxpayer money in plum contracts to private enterprises.

In this instance, the liberal obsession with regulating business can actually be useful if it leads to appropriate oversight on behalf of American citizens.

President Obama must veto legislation that fails to specifically state that all jobs created as a result of the economic stimulus shall be filled by American citizens, and only American citizens!