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Published:March 7th, 2009 15:46 EST
School Custodian Position Draws 700 Applicants

School Custodian Position Draws 700 Applicants

By Robert Paul Reyes

New residential construction has come to a virtual stop, the gross domestic product is sickening, the sale of durable goods report doesn`t look good, and the stock market is crashing.

These are economic indicators that experts look at to gauge the state of the economy, but regular folks know that we are in a sinking economy by reading the news of plant closures and job fairs that bring in thousands of job applicants.

"Nearly 700 people have applied for a single job as a school custodian.

Perry Local Schools have an open position - full time with benefits - at Edison Junior High School after its afternoon janitor retired. It pays $15 to $16 an hour."

In more financially prosperous times people looked down on school custodians, but today unemployed individuals with advanced college degrees are lining up for manual labor jobs.

In less than a week 700 people applied for a single job as a school custodian -- this more than anything else drives home the fact that our country is in a fiscal breakdown.

When you are unemployed, hungry and in danger of losing your home, pride flies out the window and you will accept a job that you once deemed beneath you.

There is nothing wrong with manual labor, and a janitor should take as much pride in his work as an accountant or a lawyer. I just wish there were more jobs available, so that families won`t end up in shelters or in the street.