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Published:September 29th, 2008 18:48 EST
D.C.S Collections In Oregon

Some Things To Know About D.C.S Collections In Oregon

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Some Things to Know about D.C.S Collections in Oregon: Always make sure you know the Collection laws in your state. D.C.S. can be contactor at 1-800-927-7667 sat. 7757.

D.C.S Collections In Oregon

What people are saying about D.C.S Collections in Oregon?



Caller ID: 1800927-7667


Option doesn`t live here got me to a woman named Karen. She said "wanted person" gave this number. Also alternative name. I told her I did not wish to receive calls from them. She demanded an alternative number to reach "W P" I said I didn`t have one.  After continued discussion and refusing to give me an address she called me rude and hung up. Caller: TCS


It`s a Collections Agency called DCS who collect money. Mine is for my student loan. Not sure what else they collect for.


Caller: DCS


Caller Type: Collection Agency


A woman called my grandmother in Michigan and my dad here in St. Louis, verifying my phone number and stating something about me listing them as a reference (?).  She had my correct number to reach ME, but never tried to call me.  I got this number from my dad.  She never did say who she was representing, according to them.  She spoke so fast my poor 87-year-old grandmother couldn`t understand her.


A guy named Tom Johnson calls my place of employment at least 3 times a week and completely harasses my staff at the desk.  He won`t leave a message or tell anyone who he is and why he`s calling.  Usually, directly after he calls the desk he calls my cell phone.  I`m sure that he is a collection agent of some kind but he`s reached the point of annoyance and it needs to stop.


Caller ID: 1-800-927-7667


Caller Type: Collection Agency


Called looking for my sister, asking me if she was okay. To what extenuate I asked him. Said SHE used ME as a reference, but would not disclose the nature of the call, only that he was from DCS. Used my maiden name, although I`m certain he would have used my married name had my sister truly used me as a reference. Unsure of how he got my cell number, but did not appreciate receiving possible collections call for my sister on my personal cell phone.


Caller ID: (209)858-3704


Caller: DCS


Caller Type: Collection Agency


They keep calling my parents and hares them even though I do not live there and I have talked to them about my student loans, now they are calling people that I knew 15 years ago and I don`t even see any more. Are they really that crazy, they think this is the way to get their money? Also isn`t it illegal to do this, to whom do we report this abuse? My old school friends and parents donor deserve this and I have spoken with the collection agency so why do they keep it up.


Caller ID: 1-800-927-7667


Caller: Sara Bennett, DCS


Caller Type: Collection Agency


Yup, got me a message on my cell phone to call a Lisa Ray because she has a message for me, but didn`t tell me who she worked for until I called the number back and did more research here online.  I think they`re out to do identity theft and that they are a bogus agency.


Caller ID: 1-800-927-7667


Caller: Divisional Collection Services


Caller Type: Collection Agency


Just received a call for a girl I used to work with, we were both sales reps but she quit and went back to school.  So I thought it was one of her previous accounts calling and I asked if that`s what it was and she said YES!  So I told her she was no longer with the company, but could I help her with something and she just asked if I could get a message to my ex co worker.  She just left her name, "Vicki Star" at 800.927.7667 ext. 7932.  Not sure how they got my number still!


Caller ID: 1-888-335-6267


Caller: DCS


Caller Type: Collection Agency


To see full list go to



Laws in Fla.


Disputing the Debt: If a collector contacts you to demand payment on a debt that you believe to have been paid or that you do not recognize, then you must dispute the debt with 30 days of initial contact with the collections agency. No matter what message you want to get across to a debt collections company, you should do it in writing. Particularly, with very important correspondence such a dispute, you should send your mail certified and with a delivery receipt. Such documentation is essential, especially if there is a difference in opinion on your liability for the debt.


Do not send original documents to collectors, but do send copies of documents that support your position. Once you make your dispute in this way, then the collections agency may not contact you again without providing its own proof of the debt. In the event that the debt you are being contacted about is someone else`s, they may ask for proof of your identity.


If you file a dispute on your debt, then the collections agency must report this dispute to the consumer credit agencies if they choose to report your debt. It`s either all or nothing when it comes to reporting.


What Collectors Must Do: Debt collectors who contact individuals in Florida must be registered with the state, including those debt collectors who are based elsewhere. They must be completely honest with you about their identity and their purpose. Any collector who calls you must tell you their name and the name of the collections agency upon your request.


Collectors must also protect your privacy, according to state and/or federal law, in the following ways:


" They cannot disclose any information about your debt that potentially could harm your reputation to anyone outside of your family.

" Publishing or contributing to any type of deadbeat list " or black list " is illegal. " Mail sent by the collections agency cannot contain any immediately visible information that could embarrass the debtor or reveal the debtor`s situation. " Collectors cannot reveal any information about your financial situation or their collections efforts to your employer without first obtaining a court order (such as for wage garnishment).


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What Collectors Must Not Do: In addition to their responsibilities as outlined above, debt collectors also are obligated to refrain from any type of harassment, abuse, or deliberate misleading of debtors.


The following types of harassment / abuse are illegal:


Use of obscene or profane language.

Calling a debtor or his or her family repeatedly with the intent to annoy or irritate.

Threats of violence against a debtor or his or her property. Threats to advertise one`s debt. Threats to take any action that is illegal, or that the collector does not really intend to take.

The following methods of misrepresentation are illegal: Leading a debtor to believe that the collector is an attorney, a law enforcement official, from a government agency, from a credit bureau, or approved by the government. Using stationary or forms that are made to look like legal documents or official government documents.

Implying that the debtor has committed a crime or is going to jail. Attempting to collect a debt that is known to be incorrect. Hiding one`s identity so that a debtor is fooled into paying for a collect call or telegram. Violations of the Law: If you believe that a collector has broken in law while trying to collect on your debt, then you should contact the state attorney general. You also may want to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, the agency harged with overseeing the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If a collections agency has broken the law in your case, then you might successfully file a lawsuit against them.