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Published:April 8th, 2009 18:44 EST
Motion Pictures for a Good Cause

Motion Pictures for a Good Cause

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

People who know my colleague and good friend Joel Eisenberg, respect him immensely. He is not only an award winning screenplay writer, book author, ghost writer and speaker; he is also a down to earth, straight shooter " and a nice guy.

Last year, his company made an investment in a film that is ready to make its debut. All of the ducks are in a row, but the Motion Picture Association of America has put up a roadblock " the kind of roadblock that might sideline some others, but not Joel. Read the press release that he wrote and see how an industry veteran fires back "

Beginning of Contributor Comments:

Film highlights effects of school violence and is to be used for educational purposes, but now has a ratings hurdle standing in the way of reaching the target audience
(LOS ANGELES) April 7, 2009 " Columbine High School survivor`s film April Showers has been given an R-rating by the Motion Picture Association of America, hindering the film`s ability to be used for educational purposes in preventing violence in schools. April Showers was shot and cut based on the MPAA`s stated standards for a PG-13 rating and does not contain sex, cursing or on-screen graphic violence. The MPAA stated that the film is rated R for some disturbing violent content."

Much like the most effective of films of this nature, the violence is implied, heard through sounds, seen in shadow, " executive producer Joel Eisenberg said in a recent article. The film is a responsible look at a tragic epidemic and an "R` rating will prohibit a large portion of this film`s major demographic " our school-aged students " from viewing the work and engaging, in their classrooms, in frank, honest dialogue that this project so strongly seeks to cultivate. "

April Showers will release in select theaters nationwide April 24, 2009 " just four days after the 10-year anniversary of the Columbine tragedy - the filmmaker`s portion of all first-week proceeds from theatrical screenings being donated to schools in the districts the film is shown in. The film will also be available for downloading May 5, 2009, on iTunes and for streaming at with a portion of every download being donated to charity.

April Showers received positive feedback from students, teachers, parents and emergency responders in the communities it screened in thus far. It has gained the support of certain school systems, students and politicians nationwide and inspired the creation of a viral campaign against youth violence in schools called I Make A Difference. " The campaign was created in partnership with Indieflix founder/CEO Scilla Andreen and utilizes popular social networking Web sites such as YouTube to encourage students to make short videos about how they make a difference in preventing school violence which will be compiled and used on t-shirts, stickers, screen savers, coffee-cup sleeves and more. 

For more information about April Showers, go to

To view the full article from Eisenberg regarding the MPAA R " rating visit .

To view the full article from director Andrew Robinson go to .

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Joel`s thoughts:

The moral here is don`t give up. All of us can fight even the big boys ".

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