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Published:June 3rd, 2009 09:45 EST
A Zip Code Locates You, But Doesn`t Define You

A Zip Code Locates You, But Doesn`t Define You

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

It was a warm summer day when a woman heard a knock at the door. It was a startling continuous knock. The woman scurried to put on her robe and slippers as she made haste to see who had disturbed her peaceful sleep. She peeked out the curtain to see what looked like a delivery truck, but she wasn`t certain. She opened the door and there stood a man who said Hello, I am Mr. Recession and I have come to repossess your uncommon hope, your unfulfilled dreams, and your unrealized future."

The woman, without breaking a sweat or even the slightest flinch, said I am sorry but you have the wrong address. I am just a house sitter. The people who lived here moved to a new neighborhood and have a new zip code. "Mr. Recession was visibly flustered by this response. We are living in a time when Mr. Recession is knocking at everyone`s door. He is traveling throughout the land seeking those who are at the brink, who are on the edge of the cliff, and have raised the flag in surrender. He exists to sift you as wheat and siphon off every ounce of positivity that may exist.

In the midst of this world war against your mind, you must stand up and protect one very important asset. This possession is more valuable than your home, car, and 401k retirement plan. Don`t let Mr. Recession repossess it.  This asset has been around since the beginning of civilization. This asset has made you who are today and will be what helps you break free.

This asset is your confidence. Richard Nixon said that a recession happens when people lose confidence in the future. "As I travel around the country, I have observed that there are people who have decided to stay in their zip code of fear."

Some of you need to go to the post office of life and submit a change of address. I have decided to relocate my mind, relocate my spirit, and relocate my future, because this zip code no longer works for me. 

A zip code locates you, but doesn`t define you. It`s time to discover life beyond your zip code. There is a brand new world that is waiting for you to think your way into it.

When the recession comes knocking at your door, it will see a sign hanging on the door Relocated Permanently. Some would wonder why it`s a permanent relocation; well, I don`t plan on returning to this old neighborhood. I`ve gone fishing. Fishing for a new life, a new opportunity, a fresh start, a new relationship, a new job or better yet same job, different mind.

You`ve been confined by your zip code long enough. Get ready to have a moving party, my friend, because you are relocating to a brand new way of living.

Here are five ways to relocate to a new zip code:

What you read on a daily basis constantly feeds your brain. Be careful of your input because it will determine your output.

In your journal, write down how you envision your ideal life instead of your current reality. Once you know the life that you really want, determine ways to close the gap. You may need to invest in a coach, class, or schedule some time with your mentors to really get a handle on creating the life you want instead of the one you currently have.

Take time and meditate. Quiet the mind by taking 5 - 15 minutes every day to relax and imagine the day.

Find someone who is living in the new mental zip code you desire to live in. Ask them how they made the shift and what you can do to make the shift as well.
Everyday put one foot in front of the other and move towards your inner vision. If you think you have to accomplish everything at one time, then give yourself a break. Just stay the course and develop a consistency in the direction you intend to go. 
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