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Published:June 6th, 2009 11:30 EST
Celebrating My Re-Birthday?

Celebrating My Re-Birthday?

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

I normally don`t get terribly philosophical, but today is one of those days that I`m thinking about my life and my business in a new way. I consider today to be the first day of my new life and of a series of new opportunities. I want to consider things in a new way and try things that I hadn`t tried before. In a certain way, it`s like January 1st, only this time it`s not about resolutions -- it`s really about being open-minded and taking a new direction for my life.

It doesn`t hurt that it`s also my birthday. But, today helps me to think about all the new things that I can do to make my life exactly the way that I want it. This economy has caused all of us at Growth-Logic to think in a new way. It`s caused everyone on my team to regroup and be more focused on things that are relevant to us. We`re more focused on the specific kinds of seminars that are relevant to our audience. We`re more focused on doing asset based transactions, and getting involved in the deal business. I am going back to the roots of my training.

Looking at my birthday as a "re-birth day" also gives me an opportunity to do some personal soul searching. For me, that means getting involved in programs that will help me to be healthier. It also means getting involved in opportunities that will make me stronger and sharper, both mentally and physically. That means losing weight. It means exercising more, eating better, and just being aware of my overall health.

January 1st isn`t the only day that we get to start fresh in our culture. But, maybe more appropriate, it`s better to think about it on the day that really represents the beginning of your life -- or in my case, the beginning of a new life.

I hope that you will pick an important day on the calendar to give yourself the gift of a "re-birth day." Pick the parts of your life that you want to architect to be exactly what you want them to be. And even though you don`t need a certain day to allow you to do it, maybe tying your newly reinvigorated self to a date on the calendar will make it more real and definite.

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About Joel G. Block, President of Growth-Logic, Inc. Often dubbed a "Growth Architect" by his clients, Joel Block advises companies on explosive growth strategies by driving revenue and sales. Well known in the capital markets, Joel is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, advisor and faculty member of the iLearningGlobal community.

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