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Published:August 1st, 2009 11:30 EST
Trim The Fat

Trim The Fat

By W. C. Hewitt

With the pinch on public expenditures a big issue in todays economically stressed society it has to boggle the mind to witness the number of surfacing incompetent government employees that make a full workday out of coffee and smoke breaks and leaving their desks vacant to the tune of phone ringing constituants and  in-trays stacked to the ceiling. Exactly what is the public paying them for?

I am not saying all employees are at fault because thank goodness there are those that do their job with razor sharp efficency. The employees I am referring to are those that have laid claim to a corner of a concrete stoop outside the main entrace and spend their day discussing politics and the new jacuzzi with the randomly passing co-employees they always seem to emcounter as the time whisks casually by.

This isn`t an issue for sour grapes but are there no gudelines to catch these goof offs? Taxpayers are paying them to waste the time that is indebted to them. Take a minute to open your wallet peek inside then reflect on all those times you are brushed off at the licence bureau or put on hold at City Hall.