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Published:August 13th, 2009 19:12 EST
Cow Dung Tooth Paste And The Advertising Convincing Power

Cow Dung Tooth Paste And The Advertising Convincing Power

By Prince Nelson Balina Omukisa Yiga

India is a country where a cow is praised as a god ". Due to the long history of its use to communities, many companies have come up with a way to make money off the cow and its products and with cognitive based attitudes, people have come to buy products un-worthy as health aids. A product called Goratna has taken India by storm. No one knows why of all 101 uses of dung in India including but not limited to cooking, manure, smoking out the bees for honey and more, Indians should decide to make toothpaste, cup cakes and general medicine out of cow feces. So many diseases and loss of life is eminent to come out of this mega million making line of products.


Goratna is believed and claimed by many to be a healing medicine paste made from Cow waste (feces). It is believed to cure all kinds of diseases anyone has ever known in India and through different forms it is sold and passed on to the all in need " cure mongering people of India in rural areas and some suburban towns. It came to light that as much as the cow was good at pulling farming carts, ferrying people around the villages and carrying goods long distance, Dung would also become a useful product in that, it did provide cementing for mud thatched houses, it did provide charcoal as coal to cook and light up homes, it as well provided nutrients to other plants when it was mixed with soil to work as manure.


With 98% of rural Indians in sheer poverty, one would believe that Dung is a good waste product since it offers hard flooring for the mud houses, it does offer cooking as charcoal to cook and light up homes and also manure for their food crops as they try to farm, making dung a useful tool to many communities, however when it comes to the fact that the product is passed on as a modified type of prescription then eyebrows are raised for the advanced world who have not heard of such kind of medication before. A lot of research has been done in the west but not for medicinal purposes but bio fuel and that I would pass for.


Dung is a composite of undigested residue of herbivorous matter that goes through the cow guts. Dung is not as bad as I am trying to make it seem like and the fact that it includes minerals used to make fertilizer and fuel where developing countries make biogas to generate heat and electricity through methane, dung is more a chemical not ready for a human body to fight off disease as advertised but a repellant to insects in homes and working as a thermal insulator. It does have some related sister names as Feces, Guano, Coprophilous fungi and to some common and well-known noun here in America Bullsh*t. I do know so many people have used that word millions of times in their lives but I do know that half of those that use the word had never paid much attention as to what it is or even physically seen it before. 


To the dismay of many doctors baffled by the use of dung as medicine in this part of the world, consulting and advertising agencies have become so convincing using those best techniques known in the marketing world. And with this advertising technique marketing dung as toothpaste that can cure cavities, whiten the teeth and stop gum bleeding has not been a bad idea. It generated a new era of product that rakes in millions for the Owners of the company and revenue for the Indian government. Yak!! " my young son Ethan would say!


It does not sound convincing when one talks about the word itself due to the product a bi-product of what is not needed in a cows body and when someone thinks of the smell and what any waste should be used for, this would not be the one, however the wonderful methods of convincing advertisers made this a well coordinated strategy that it became a number one seller in India, raking in billions of dollars in this number one world democratic nation.


A reckoning example here in the west would be how waste water is recycled and later pumped back to our water pipes but this time in a proven hypothesis that no dirty water will be carried back for people to drink. Unlike regulations in our world, in India no one has to rate what quality or quantity one can manufacture.


  The process of cow dung being made into toothpaste is simple. A mixer of water, some herbs and dung itself can make your teeth bright with a smile and once packed in packet or plastic bag, then a higher fee is expected out of you. Not only do people buy dung as toothpaste but a drink as well. When mixed with oranges or mango juice lots of ailments from arthritis to soar throats can heal in an instant. The wall billboards advertise.


The way DUNG companies operate: they are financially rewarded for inventing new diseases, or redefining old diseases so that more people can have ailments that will force them to buy Dung paste. Period. It is a capitalistic society and money talks and bullsh*t walks, so the saying. And whoever has the gold always rules. So poor people cannot stop the tirade of lying to them of the toothpaste scam because no one can afford an Attorney and if you do come into way, you risk a life of being found chopped to death. So they just tag along the ideas, the sales, the un working product and whew what a kiss after a morning brush to say goodbye to your wife while going to work.


All televisions sell millions of advertisements and billboards in the three main Hindu states in India. They are all pasted with great smiles of those thought to have been healed of gum diseases. Some billboards have major political party leaders endorsing the product, even showing up for endorsements making it a one lovable paste related to a country`s Olympic gold medalist.  However this has not gone well with Moslem Indians who have a different concept with the Cow, as it is their main source of income. Moslems trade hides, meat and cheese and milk and the concept of not killing the cows to get hides has brought an economic halt to their trade thus causing a cultural and economic revolution that might see civil rivals trade blows. The Muslims say 35 million tons of coal a year from dried dung fuel is okay but not dung toothpaste. Like drug wars in developed countries India is also walking a path to fight dung war Lords.


Still, Ad campaigns have increased despite the opposing sides and a revamp of labeling has changed the course of this now super selling product. Posters, posters on walls of homes visible from the streets and somebody faces have turned into leasing spots for dung toothpaste and other products from the dung.

In our advanced, developed and over suspicious world, dung adverts would not make a cut even on a small local radio station. Rules and regulations of medicine in America would not get the congress convinced enough to have this product sold anywhere, not even in our small Waller county, but in India, even politicians think it is a great product and endorsements go up almost every other day.


From public squares to talk shows and school events, Dung is making a big chuck of revenue for the government and all in all the marketing company was so convincing, both the leaders and consumers know that no one can stop it.  To the Eco-friendly supporters of green energy Dung will never go away since energy is pumped out of its smoking minerals and to the toothpaste makers a thumbs up, to the revenue collectors the treasury is not calling IMF for help.


According to the History Channel, in a segment called THE HISTORY OF DUNG ", they state that there are 250,000,000 cows in India, and each cows produces 16 "tons (32,000lbs.) of Dung per year. The history channel narrates and shows how the world put Dung to use in many cultures and traditions but also says: it`s the one thing we all have in common with life on earth-poop!` Monty Halls an investigative journalist with the History Channel says that the history of Dung brings open the scientific, medical, evolutionary importance of cow poop to a fascinating excremental safari for the viewers.


In Hindu communities, large posters of celebrities, Hindu nationalists, are found next to these billboards of Dung using them as a tool to boost sales. There is a portion of after-shave another that will enlighten your dark skin so you look lighter, and words, Constipation can be cured, " can be seen on a bottle sign in red and white at a souvenir shop in a plush neighborhood in Mumbai making the product acceptable to consumers because of the sheer appeal of where it is being sold.


Television commercials with beautiful girls dancing those ayiya yiya yiya, irir ririr riri " and later bringing the great Dung Paste roar on television news after the evening news when people come home and no one seem to be bothered at any cost.


One of the touching elements in the product is that school teachers, church elders, politicians do the talking and since many of us are tuned to listen to our leaders, millions have been hooked to the product and no one knows when the fire will stop. No sign of slowing down either. The Dung phenomenon seems to have been started and it is going to stay. In India of course! 


Though history has it that it is very useful, the modern world seems to want to stay going forward than going back to those old ice ages where man would adventure through trial and error. Far as it may seem to be, a lot of scientists are saying that Dung research might be yielding an argumentative highlight in the science world.


Researchers believe that Dung might come to the USA as well and not in the context of toothpaste but for better uses like fuel, explosives, cell phone charging power and probably more research will show that Dung can be edible! This argument is still hard to believe but one should not lose sleep over Dung, in Haiti when the height of famine rose to the highest 98% last year, many people turned to clay pan cakes and so Dung as un-digested leaves might make good cup cakes for breakfast is some parts of the world where food is just un-available.


BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) the company responsible for this product says the main goal initially was to promote village industry one of the biggest employer in India however when the advertisement worked everything changed the whole way the product would be viewed.


This has brought more unfounded products on the market in India like cow urine that helps you get cured from being a habitual drunkard and many others. In the book the Power of Advertising by Elliot Aronson, Timothy D, Wilson and Robin M. Akert, Authors say, the trick is to make your product personally relevant. " That`s what has made India`s strange products make a killing for the founders of dung products.


Though everyone knows that urine and cow waste has no medicinal value since those are waste products from the body described as unwanted organic substances that the body needs to discharge, the company labels the product as gift of a cow. " And some advertisements have simple words sung by a beautiful woman saying sterilized and completely fresh! "


If you turn the whole system upside down, you will find out that it is all about profit and how an entrepreneur makes profit does not count but how much. We all know that people spend hours and hours trying to make wealth and the desire to make money in order to achieve wealth has brought so much creativity and convincing languages and mediums that not any Jackal will stop this money making magnet get stopped. The convincing power of advertisement.


 There is no way one can stop the melodrama of what convincing adverts bring to consumers, I do however believe that our critical thinking can help us avoid what`s hazardous and help us make good decisions in avoiding the never stoppable vultures of advertising of the modern times.


With Dung being one of the un-known products in the developed world but being used in the under-developed world to help eradicate some major problems also faced by western hemispheres, the west can be a prospective beneficiary in all the results since the groundwork research of the uses have been paved for them. 


And sincerely writing, there might be just a few advancements before one would have gas through their home pipes being pumped from a cow ranch down somewhere in Reno Nevada or Waco Texas not to mention Montana And the Eco-Friendly activists will have mega million commercials on Television and Radio and billboards on freeway making Dung a darling product in our communities.



The Authors of the Power of Advertising. " Elliot Aronson, Timothy D, Wilson and Robin M. Akert, 2005, p 676, said it well when they said in the passage that. " the trick is to make your product personally relevant."  

The History Channel, in a segment called THE HISTORY OF DUNG", they state that there are 250,000,000 cows in India, and each cows produces 16 "tons (32,000lbs.) of Dung per year. 

Persuasion Through Advertising: Published on March 11, 2008 by Caribbean Girl in Marketing and Advertising. In closing, the power of persuasion through advertising can be extremely potent."  

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