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Published:August 23rd, 2009 21:36 EST
Motivation: Getting the Most Out of Your Team

Motivation: Getting the Most Out of Your Team

By Dan Goldberg

Why is it that some people wake up in the morning only needing the air they breath to feel ready and willing to tackle the world? They can`t wait to start their daily trek to success.


Then there are others who have to force themselves to get up every morning.

They could care less about their job ", the people at work " or the tasks at hand.


Yet both of these groups of individuals want the same things in life, success, contentment, money, love, happiness, and a feeling of self-determination.


What makes one group so different from the other? And why are some people floating in the middle?


Self-esteem is the main reason. It`s the fuel of motivation.


Those people with high self-esteem and therefore the most motivation have enough fuel to enjoy the good times, build on experience, take criticism constructively, not get to down with the bad times and grow.


Those with low self-esteem and little motivation see their wins as accidents, get down at the slightest criticism and walk around with defeat on their face. It`s often visible.


Now the folks in the middle are a little more complex.


As long as they are doing well they feel good about themselves. They are not risk takers and tend to leave themselves open to others dictating their ambitions, dreams and attitudes.


Afraid of failure they are also hesitant to succeed.


When they fail they take it personally and therefore would rather avoid it than face the consequences.


So they don`t play to win and they don`t play to lose. They`d rather safely float along.


How do we set up a system of motivation in the face of such different approaches?


A systematic approach to motivation gives us a process that strips away much of the overriding personal views of ourselves and enables us to have a step-by-step method to keep the fuel burning.


In order to motivate in a step-by-step manner you must make sure you have all the correct ingredients.


1.      Understand the goal you want your team or team member to complete.


2.      Look at your team realistically.


3.      Have a full understanding of their attitudinal and behavioral profile.


4.      Choose the correct individual for the task(s).


5.      Make sure they have the proper insights and training to start, maintain and successfully complete the required goal.


6.      Monitor the person`s (people`s) expected behavior.


7.      Intervene and coach only when necessary


8.      In a nurturing manner make sure everyone knows the negative consequences of poor performance.


9.      When you are comfortable with performance turn the reigns over to the individual(s).


10.  Have them train others.


11.  Reinforce positive performance with recognition and rewards.


In order for a systematic approach to motivation to work you must make sure that everyone knows exactly what`s expected each step of the way.


All instructions should be in writing.


It is the manager`s responsibility to relate clear and concise information to everyone involved. If you as a manager do not receive clear information, then before you pass it on make sure that you clarify everything with your superiors.


Can you remember how de-motivating it was to receive instructions that were unclear and then be expected to perform?


Let your team know how you are going to measure performance and procedures.


Make sure they know the why, how and where of each project.


Assure them that results are more easily recognizable and rewards more easily attainable under the system you have installed.


Be aware of giving positive reinforcement and undeserved rewards for negative performance. It de-motivates the positive performers.


Deal with personal problems by meeting and communicating with the individual(s). And when necessary, remove those people (at least for the time being) from the team or project so as not to de-motivate other team members.


Be proactive with communications, your team will appreciate it.


Dan Goldberg is a keynote speaker and the President of Dan Goldberg Consulting, L.L.C. a training, coaching and business development firm located in the Philadelphia, PA area. He is the author of the book Lighten Up and Lead, " co-author (with Don Martin) of the book "The Entrepreneur`s Guide to Successful Leadership," and author of The Six Steps To Solid Sales Success " and The Seven Elements of Successful Management " programs and the audio tape Growing A Successful Business. " He is the founder and former owner of the groundbreaking international optical company For Eyes. You can contact him at, visit his website at or reach him at (215) 233-5352.