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Published:September 3rd, 2009 18:20 EST
Business Dreams? Keep Going Until You Succeed

Business Dreams? Keep Going Until You Succeed

By Ron G Anselm

     Having goals in life is really what makes life worth living. If we just get up in the morning and go to our everyday job that we have been doing for the past ten years with no promotion potential and no excitement, then life is boring.

     You have to mix it up a little and welcome in some excitement into your life. This is where you keep your motivation up and your happiness growing as you challenge yourself in other opportunities and ventures. I guarantee you will never get bored if you set goals and reach for higher ones as you accomplish those goals.

     I have heard so many times that people are tired of working for the man. Working for the man means working for someone else. You always have the inter-office and inter-organizational politics, the co-workers that just annoy you to no end, and the dead-end job that gets tiring to go to after a period of time. If you choose to accept this, then it is your own fault. In life, we have the chance to do anything we put our minds to and most of the time it is going to be a big challenge to accomplish your dreams.

     I know one day that I will own my own business(s). I have worked for other people for years and want to pursue my own dreams and make my own dreams become a reality. I have heard people say, they are too afraid to take a chance, they don`t have the intelligence to start a business, they procrastinate and say they are going to do things that are challenging and never end-up doing those things and just sort of waste their life because they never really lived it to the full potential.

     People have their comfort zones. Someone may be happy with just making minimum wage and working a low-paying, dead end job, another person may stay in their job because they feel secure. We all have to realize, there are no guarantees in life and no one is secure in their job. I think the past two-years have proven that with the millions of people laid-off from their jobs and the record high unemployment rate. If you work for someone else, you will always be under the umbrella of possibly being fired, laid off, or whatever but will always have no security.

     And if you pursue your dreams and hit road blocks and setbacks which you will and should be expected and just give up and never follow through on those dreams, you will never realize what "could have been".

     A good example of persistence and dedication to keep his dream alive is Harland Sanders. Harland Sanders is better known as Colonial Sanders " the entrepreneur that built the chicken empire, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Most people don`t know the story behind Colonial Sanders and how he accomplished his dream.

     Harland Sanders was born in 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. He grew up at a young age with no father. His father died when he was five years old. This meant that since his Mother worked, Harland was responsible for doing all the family household cooking. He also dropped out of school at seven years old and then ended-up running away from home because of an abusive stepfather.

     This meant that Colonial Sanders would have a very challenging and hard life ahead of him. He worked an extensive amount of jobs and basically did not succeed at any of those jobs. He even did a small stint in the Army " in which he had to lie about his age to be qualified to enlist.

     After more years past by, Sanders managed to open a service station in Kentucky. He served his customers chicken who visited his service station from his living space because he could not afford to have a separate restaurant. He started to cook and serve other types of recipes other than chicken at his service station as-well. He then moved to a motel and worked in the next restaurant has a chef. He was starting to develop his method of cooking chicken while experimenting many various ways of cooking his existing recipe for chicken.

     Through his challenges of moving forward in life, he just kept going and pursuing his dream no matter what curve balls life threw at him. Life went on and when Colonial Sanders turned sixty-five years old, he walked out to his mailbox to get his first Social Security check. He didn`t know how much he was going to make for Social Security since it was his first check. He opened the envelope and saw it was for only $105.00.

     He went back inside and then walked out back and sat under a shade tree. He started writing something on paper. His wife noticed he was sitting alone and went out back to see what he was doing. She said, Why are you sitting under this tree alone? " I am writing my will ", Sanders said. His wife responded, Writing your will? " Why? " Because I am a failure " said Sanders. His wife looked at him with a glare and said, You are not a failure ", you can cook pretty good chicken. " Colonial Sanders looked at his wife and said, You really think so? " His wife responded, I do "

     With those words Colonial Sanders got up, took his $105.00 Social Security check and used it to start marketing his recipe for chicken. He must have visited over a thousand different places including restaurants and businesses and was still turned down to sell his idea. He continued pushing forward again despite controversy.

     He finally received a yes from a well-known business man who said he would go in business with him to sell chicken. This is when the Kentucky Fried Chicken operations started and grew to an empire. Sanders was sixty-seven years old when he finally succeeded in life.

    Need I say more? The people out there who make excuses to not pursue their dreams and live life in a challenge mode are wasting their life away. We can become successful at any age no matter how many times we try and fail. Have you ever heard the term, Never Give Up? " Colonial Sanders is the perfect example of this and should be a good example to all of us to keep going until we finally succeed.