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Published:October 23rd, 2009 09:18 EST
Dropbox Can Help Your Business

Dropbox Can Help Your Business

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

From time to time, I like to deviate from my typical business rants and tackle some technologies and gadgets that I stumble upon which help entrepreneurs to be incredibly more efficient and more productive. I`ve been known to say that entrepreneurs produce at 20 times the rate of their corporate counterparts. The reason that this is so is partly because they have to -- and it`s partly because of their swift use and early adoption of cool technologies.

In the last few months, I`ve stumbled upon a few new tools that I`d like to share with you. I`ll share them over the next few weeks. The first one, though, has changed the way that I do business more than anything that I`ve come across in the last five years.

Meet Dropbox. This is a record breaker. This product synchronizes any file that you put into a particular folder with any other computer that you so designate. That means that if I put several files on one computer, they`ll automatically show up on another computer. That could be a home office and business office or any other combination including your laptop, etc.

You would think that every time you change a file, it would be terribly slow because the system has to upload large amounts of data, but this system is smart. The system can upload a giant file pretty quickly because it only uploads the changes in the file. It doesn`t re-upload the entire electronic data set.

Like a lot of products, the basic version is free. That entitles you to two gigabytes a storage. But, if you invite a few friends, they`ll increase your storage by 250 megabytes per friend that installs the software. Click on the following link to get your Dropbox. That gives me 250 megabytes of additional storage, and you get a bonus of 250 megabytes too.

You won`t believe how this will change your business. One other aspect of Dropbox is you can specify other people to have access to certain folders. For example, my family has a folder and the kids are now doing all their homework in that folder. There are two major advantages:

1. Everything is always backed up and there`s never a worry of a loss of data.

2. The kids can call me in my office, or when I am on the road, and their documents are always up to date and on my computer. Think about the business implications of being able to give access to certain people. For example, Matt, our company`s general manager, shares a folder with me. And now the two of us easily transfer data back and forth. I recommend that you get Dropbox. It`ll really make a big difference in the way you move data and manage your business affairs.

I`ll provide a few more tips next week, but for now you want to get Dropbox. It`ll really work for you. I promise.

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