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Published:April 5th, 2010 16:21 EST
Take the Recent Health Care Legislation to the Bank: Part 2 of 2

Take the Recent Health Care Legislation to the Bank: Part 2 of 2

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)


I normally don`t write columns that leave my readers hanging but I wanted to take the weekend to think about my conclusions - and to think about how accurate my thoughts are. I also wanted to take some time to absorb the commentary that every political and business observer has put out.  It turns out that my instinct is exactly where I am on the topic right now. My sense about the health care legislation is probably pretty close to accurate.

First let me admit, that there are several big components to this that I did not hear or read about. Many of them are just coming to light right now. That is what is going to happen with massive legislation like this. No one really understands it and no one can accurately predict what the new laws` impact will be. For example, will the quality of health care be better or worse in 10 years? Clearly if you are one of the 30 million that doesn`t have any health care now, it will be better, but what about for everyone else?

Back to the conclusion of last week`s article. So, how can you monetize the opportunity that has come about as a result of this legislation?

The enormous cost of this package, the amount of which seems to grow every day will almost certainly create inflation.

My radar tells me to move cash and equivalents into hard assets. That means that savvy investors will buy gold, real estate and other hedges against inflation, because inflation is certain to be on the horizon. Therefore, cash that`s sitting in on the sidelines is going to be in trouble. The amount of under-performance that you can expect from idle cash will be staggering.

If you are interested in learning more about  some of the options available to you, please be in touch with us right away. We`re in the process of organizing ourselves to take advantage of strategies that respond to the opportunities in front of us. You should be doing the same.

The need to move your cash out of the bank is imperative.
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