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Published:July 17th, 2010 11:24 EST
biz reset

Marley Majcher to Launch BizReset

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Get ready to experience - sign up today.

I am partnering with my brilliant friend, LA`s premier event planner and CEO of three companies, Marley Majcher, to launch BizReset. Get your team together and join us in August for the one-day conference you`re sure to tell your colleagues about!

marley mahcher

What Is Biz Reset?

Biz Reset is direct, customized, and relevant to where you are in your business and where you want to go.  You come in upside down and leave right side up!  Biz Reset is not some watered-down, lightweight, status quo information that you find in pop-psych business books and entrepreneurial magazines.  Biz Reset provides an atmosphere that gives you fresh insight, actionable ideas, and real-world, boots-on-the ground-wisdom to help you re-build your business and realize success.

simon t bailey

 You walk in empty handed and you leave with:

    * Determination of your business longitude and latitude - No matter how lousy it is, (or great you think it is right now,) we`ll uncover the nuts and bolts of your business and reveal all the grimy and great details it has to offer.

    * Business clarity of your vision/purpose - You will walk away with a new mindset, clear of all the unnecessary clutter and filled with clear direction and purpose. You will have an action plan broken down into miniature, super easy, action items.

    * A spiritual understanding of how to get to your end game - Can you envision it? You will after you meet with us one on one.

Get ready to experience - sign up today.

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