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Published:September 14th, 2008 17:36 EST
Darren LaMontagne Joins The SOP

Darren LaMontagne Joins The SOP

By Darren LaMontagne

When I was asked to write an occasional article for the Student Operated Press, I had to think twice. My plate is always full these days and every second of my spare time is dedicated to the book I am writing. However, because of the admiration I hold for the SOP, I felt compelled to introduce myself. My name is Darren LaMontagne and I reside in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Yes, I do love hockey, but I`m certainly no hoser, so take off, if that`s what you`re thinking, eh.

I am currently working on the finishing stages of my first novel. While nothing is yet written in stone, things are looking and feeling extremely promising in my near future. I am very fortunate to have aligned myself with the perfect people who are guiding me towards success. (You amazing people know who are).

I worked in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning trade for about fifteen years. Recently, I`ve acquired a new job as a government gas inspector. It is, by far, the best job I`ve ever had and I simply could not ask for a better group of people to work with. We are a tightly knit bunch and if any of us ever require assistance in any areas of our professional or personal lives, you just know help is on its way. A few days ago, the company issued me a brand new 4 by 4, Ford Explorer. My life could not be going any better. It was not always this way, though.

Many years ago, back in my high-school days, I went through a particularly rough period in my life. My will to live had literally evaporated. I remember a few nights actually praying to God to take me away. Anyway, it was in that state of mind, when I first experienced creative writing. I would like to share with you the very first poem I ever wrote. It certainly is not my best work, but remember, I was just a lost and confused kid.


                                                                                     SLEEPLESS NIGHTS

                                                                     Too many thoughts running through my head,

                                                                     When late at night, I lie in bed.

                                                                     Too many problems to try to fight,

                                                                     When all life offers are sleepless nights.


                                                                     It`s hard to think of peace and harmony,

                                                                     When my once good friends have all deserted me.

                                                                     It`s hard to face this sad reality,

                                                                     When my once good times, are now a fantasy.


                                                                    It hurts to know within I burn,

                                                                    When I throw out love and get none in return.

                                                                    It hurts to know I want to die,

                                                                   When the girl I trust, likes another guy.


                                                                   I feel relieved these pills are my fate,

                                                                   When they represent my true escape.

                                                                   I feel this attempt has got to be right,

                                                                   When all life offers are sleepless nights.

This poem was always extremely personal to me. In fact, up until this point, only a small select group of people has ever read it. The reason I decided to share this now is, to perhaps, make a difference in someone`s life. If you are going through a sh*tty time, you must know that you are not so far down a hole you cannot climb out. Hard times are temporary times. To be honest, when I read this poem now, all of these years later, it makes me giggle inside. I can`t believe I let myself become that person.

Since I decided to allow success into my life, all forms of stress have completely disappeared. I sincerely recommend you take all of your negative energy and kick it to the curb where it belongs. Negative thoughts attract negative actions. Center your thoughts on the positives. Create a goal for yourself and work hard to achieve it. Make it outrageous if you like. Constantly think of what you want and know it will be yours. Never feel doubt again and your goals are yours for the taking. Keep in mind there will always be delays but if you show a little patience, happiness shall be yours. I know it sounds crazy but what do you have to lose? I don`t understand it myself, but it works for me. I don`t hope tomorrow will be a good day, I know tomorrow will be a good day. In fact, lately, every day is something new and exciting for me.

Anyhow, I just thought I would say hi. Maybe we can do this again sometime.

Darren LaMontagne


  Darren LaMontagne