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Published:September 20th, 2009 13:07 EST
Canadian Politics, Ya Gotta Love It.

Canadian Politics, Ya Gotta Love It.

By W. C. Hewitt


How can you not find humor in the scale of Canadian politics? Let`s face the facts. Having endured twelve years of Chrétien-mania and Coppsphobia where the Canadian populace was treated to scandal, rampant corruption, barraged by lies, underhandedness and plain old fashion theft while having to  patiently watch their country slip to a third world designation with a non-sensible influx of immigrants that have strained the health systems and dilapidated the economy.


Now, as Harper tries to mend things to an acceptable level, we find a Chrétien clone waiting in the wings ready to pounce. In watching those present advertisements promoting Ignatieff`s policies on television which end with a close up of a face that screams of scam artist you almost cringe and want to count the fingers on each hand. Even his oratory is questionable as he rails off on what seems to be commitment then dallies about readying himself for that final close-up. He reminds one of a plotting Jack Layton, dower, sullen and shabbily under hip that leaves you an air of his being awkwardly and terribly misinformed while hoping a prepared non-sensical response will rise to his defense.


Their only objective seems to be in attracting the alien populace with as much indecisiveness as possible in hoping to impress them with so much non-entity. Make sense? It must to impress the powers that be. To get a closer look at the debacle of a political circus, take a look at what is leading the Ontario Provincial government.