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Published:November 25th, 2009 11:20 EST
The Swine Flu Vaccine Distributed in Canada May be Lethal

The Swine Flu Vaccine Distributed in Canada May be Lethal

By SOP newswire2

172. OOO doses of swine flu vaccine distributed within Canada seems to be contaminated and may trigger lethal allergic reactions. The producer GlaxoSmithKline has called back the vaccine to re-test it and warned the Canadian authorities not to use this party of vaccine.

In an article which appeared in the Turkish press about a week ago, there was the news that the new party vaccine to be sent to Turkey end of November would contain less dangerous substances.

Common Systemic Side Effects from Swine Flu Vaccines

Systemic effects were also reported by CSL and Novartis vaccine recipients. Approximately 36% of volunteers that received the swine flu vaccine manufactured by CSL experienced mild systemic side effects. 8% of vaccine recipients reported moderate systemic side effects, and less than 1% experienced a severe adverse reaction to immunization. Severe side effects reported include, malaise, muscle pain, and nausea.

Muscle aches were the most common systemic side effect reported by participants receiving the H1N1 vaccine produced by Novartis, and no severe systemic side effects were reported. The following are common whole-body side effects occurring in response to either H1N1 vaccination.

Malaise (feeling out-of-sorts)
Muscle pain

Reflections Regarding the Swine Flu From Other Lands Death toll from swine flu disease in Turkey is slightly over 90. 1 in about 10,000 who got ill from the swine flu dies. Only 10% of the parents are willing to have their children vaccinated.