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Published:April 3rd, 2010 11:18 EST

Spring is in the air

By W. C. Hewitt

Canadians back to the old grind

It`s a sign of spring when the first robin arrives the temperatures become bearable and the liberal sham goes back into full force. Yes spring is here and so is Mr. Ignatiff`s apologies for the conservative`s stand on abortion and funding the public sector.


Of course he feels embarrassed because it undercuts the liberal understanding of what politics is all about and if there`s not a buck in it then they cringe in embarrassment. If anyone should be feeling embarrassed it`s the Canadian people for allowing the liberal higharchy to manipulate away their pension monies through graft and scandal then walk away matter of factly.

Such is the reality of a corrupt political concern. The big three alliance had to fail when the NDP finally realized they were about to be swallowed up in a grand scam. And the petty contrivances implied by the liberals have to remain minor and cautious for they are treading on thin eggs when they mention any hint of wrong doing.

Of course Cretien`s walking away with millions in taxpayers money never made them any brownie points either. And my goodness, how can you pension off Copps after she so belligerently lied and scoffed at the Canadian people and helped to literary decimate a whole society? Harper has proven he is standing for the country and has struggled to correct the past liberal falasies which will take a long time unfortunately but the liberals won`t give up, after all you still have that last quarter in your pocket that they are ready to pounce on and tax. Just look at McGuinty he`s already poised to strike again and drain those last few cents from an already tired, over-taxed and awestruck Ontario.

The best I can offer is to kick off the old sneakers and meld into the hammock and watch for the summer romps are about to begin.