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Published:April 20th, 2010 17:49 EST
Legalizing Marijuana, the Nation Could Go to POT!

Legalizing Marijuana, the Nation Could Go to POT!

By Will Roberts

All I know is what I read on the Internet: Pot legal in 14 states for pain! Takes a smoke break to a whole new level! Some companies see this as a problem, and some might consider this an incentive program. Depending on the state... as far as I am concerned ... it might become a state of confusion...  

I see a few businesses with that might have a problem with this new style of pain management. Restaurant, for one, the munchies... they might be eaten out of house and home.  Definitely eat into their bottom line.  Corporations might have a problem in meeting with incontrovertible laughing fits.

Of course the entertainment business will be fine, for them it will be business as usual. 

I don`t know about you folks but I can think of a few jobs I would not want folks smoking marijuana for pain. 

My doctor, for one unless his name is doctor feel good and I know this ahead of time.

The police, I don`t want anyone getting that shoot first ask questions later thing in their mind.

Whatever happened to aspirin? 

Now we might just allow some people to smoke out, like Michael Steele, matter fact we might fund a whole party ... no pun intended, for them, it might calm them down a little.

After all what`s the worst that could happen, they smoke, eat, laugh and go to sleep, now that sounds like congress if you ask me! 

Then again who knows you might not be able to tell if folks are high on the job,  I mean some folks have accused me of being on something, rest assured folks I m just on a roll.


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