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Published:April 27th, 2010 13:19 EST
Hey Mr. President...Maybe if you walk on water...

Hey Mr. President...Maybe if you walk on water...

By Will Roberts









Mr. President ... I see some of the things you have done...

"Signed order to ban torture

"Economic recovery bill

"Health Care Bill

"Slowed down the recession.  

"Made education a national priority.

Still you have non-believers!

We were all pretty tied up in knots before you came into office, even some of the other party was glad to see you move in.  You did shake things up in the White House, maybe they don`t like the color you painted it, or maybe they thought we were electing a magician instead!

It sure is clear to me that even Criss Angel could get out of the padded cell we were in with the last administration.  I got it...

Maybe if you walk on water...


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