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Published:April 28th, 2010 21:17 EST

Hugo Chavez Says Capitalism Leads to Twitter!

By Will Roberts










Will Says... 

Hugo Chavez is on Twitter! @Chavezcandanga - a true SOCIALIST on social media. This is gonna be good! 

What will he tweet?

Now based upon most of the speeches I have heard him give, ALL TWEETS WILL BE IN CAPS!


@Chavezcandanga says - Pres Bush writes book! did not know he could write - lol - you little DEVIL!


@Chavezcandanga- Click to see the biggest menace to our planet -  http://USA/ukno


"Capitalism leads us straight to hell. " I like anything SOCIAL... media... ism...


Now that Mr. Chavez has freedom of speech and new media, will he allow the old school media (TV, Radio, Newspapers) to even open their mouths in response to what he tweets?


We shall tweet!


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