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Published:May 13th, 2010 17:17 EST
Executive Experience Means You Get a Better Cell At Club Fed

Executive Experience Means You Get a Better Cell At Club Fed

By Will Roberts

I heard an interview with Mr. Obama and it was said that it might be too early to run for president, mainly because he does not have executive experience. In the political world, that means "we need a little more time to make you dishonest."

We don`t need another executive in office; Enron`s Jeffrey Schilling got 24 years in prison for his executive experience. We would rather go for an in-experience rather than just another BAD experience.

Mr. Obama is our Mr. Smith goes to Washington in 2008. He might not have the experience, but he does have passion and common sense (cents), which is all we can afford these days. Plus, I think folks are looking for a chance to be involved with their government and not just be innocent bystanders anymore.

This is what I said back in 2007 - things don`t change much, just the names, places, and party.


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