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Published:May 26th, 2010 19:16 EST
Stop Sugar Coating What Already Has An Oil Coat!

Stop Sugar Coating What Already Has An Oil Coat!

By Will Roberts








Stop sugar coating what already has an oil coat!

BP I am finding all this spill-age a little crazy. When you are a knife thrower it is a given that while the wheel is turning you might miss and hit an artery and your target might bleed to death. That is why they carry band-aids.  No matter what, you have a plan A and a B.

Will Roberts

Rummaging through you golf cart for things to plug up this whole is a little like trying to seal a balloon with a needle and thread!

Just do us one favor and use your best golf balls, not range balls. This way folks on the Gulf Coast can sell them to help with their businesses lost revenue...  FOUR!!!


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