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Published:May 30th, 2010 10:16 EST

Hundreds Of Crazy Hot Blondes March To Cheer Up Latvians

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Decked out in pink, their locks glinting in the sunshine, hundreds of blondes marched arm-in-arm through the Latvian capital Riga Saturday, in a bid to raise spirits in the slump-stricken Baltic state.

blondesTourists and locals marveled as more than 800 blondes wove their way through the streets for the second edition of what organisers say they hope will become a regular annual event." AFP

Geographically-challenged Americans wouldn`t know the Baltic States from Baltic Avenue. Latvia sounds like a brand of gourmet coffee, and not a country that anyone would want to visit.

This seems like a joke, without a punch line: What do you get when hundreds of blondes march in the streets?

The stereotypical blond is clueless and self-absorbed, but these Latvian blonds are doing their best to lift the spirits of their economically-depressed nation.

I wouldn`t travel to Latvia to see hundreds of blondes marching in a parade, but maybe they can take their act on the road. They could be goodwill ambassadors for Latvia, spreading good cheer throughout the world and raising the, hmm, spirits of men.

I`m sick and tired of middle-aged teabaggers protesting in our streets, why don`t some American blond hotties don pink hotpants and spread sunshine and love in the economically-depressed cities of America?

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