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Published:June 10th, 2010 15:01 EST
Solar Maximum Threatens, Means People Could Be Dumbfounded and Lost!

Solar Maximum Threatens, Means People Could Be Dumbfounded and Lost!

By Will Roberts






NASA Says...

Solar Maximum Threatens!

Technological Ways of Life! A solar space storm that could knock out all technology for years!


Will Says...

We might have to go old school and talk face to face, ride bikes, write instead of texting, dumb down our communication. So, I am going to get a jump on this and start now! I am going to pull out a few old tools. a pad and pencil, my two cups and a string...


 This could leave folks dumbfounded, lost, and confused!


"I`ve got this thing and it`s f***ing golden, and, I`m just not giving it up for f***ing nothing."


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