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Published:June 19th, 2010 16:55 EST
Will Roberts Crude Coastal Clean Up Plan

Will Roberts Crude Coastal Clean Up Plan

By Will Roberts

Will Says...
Why can`t American`s do what oil companies have been doing for years, skimming off the top!
Will`s Plan:  Rent boats and allow us to suck the oil up and sell it back to BP! Or trade for gas.
We could use the money we make to pay for the kids college, or trade it in for gas at a reduced rate, like the price it was back in 1979.
You will need a boat and something to SUCK up the oil.
Let`s offer Joe Barton`s services... He sucks!
Now folks, it is not very often you will see or hear me use such strong words as sucks... But sometimes, when the boot fits... Well you know.
Your friend,