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Published:June 23rd, 2010 18:45 EST
Will Says... Manners Matters!

Will Says... Manners Matters!

By Will Roberts

Will Says... Manners Matters!

For the longest time I have been telling my readers that communication is what is missing in this world. Talking to each other. This idea of talking and listening, really listening is one of the cheapest ways to fix a problem. Trust me when I say that as a guy I have spent an awful lot of money in my relationships on flowers or what I call romantic band-aids.  When in reality, listening and not talking would have saved me a bundle!

That brings me to my point and my new direction. Something I see everyday that guys and gals do wrong or don`t do at all, manners!

Manners is the type of thing that you can`t help someone with at the time it is NOT happening. Here is what I mean:

If you see a guy walking with his lady and he comes to a door and does not open it for her, you can`t run up and help the guy out. If you did it would make the guy look bad, and it might also make you look bad when he punches you for opening up the door for his lady.

I hope you all get my point. Because my next series of cartoons "Will Say ... Manners Matter" will focus on... Manners, that simple.

With all the social media, social networking, the biggest thing I see missing is social graces, so here we go!