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Published:July 6th, 2010 18:57 EST

President Obama is the President, NOT Lance Burton!

By Will Roberts

NEWS FLASH: Why Isn`t President Obama Focused on Creating Jobs?

How`s about a little Hocus Pocus and make some jobs appear.

Sorry kids were going to have to vacation at home this summer. I lost my job of 15 years and I am having a hard time finding another job.

Mom, dad is lazy and won`t get a job!

Mom, why won`t people give the President a chance to fix what the last President took eight years to break?

I`m going to have to let you go Bill, folks are not buying the new homes we are building everyday.

Maybe we should sell the homes we built in the last 10 years first.

If Republicans want jobs to magically appear, maybe he should be on the ticket 2012.

I`m a magician, not a Miracle Worker!