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Published:July 14th, 2010 17:12 EST

Lebron James, Jessie James both in it for the money and aiming for the back!

By Will Roberts

Will Say...

Wow, Lebron James has made a lot of Clevelanders mad over his choice to jump ship and sign with Miami. Not since the other James, Jessie, have folks felt like they have been shot in the back. I feel sorry for Lebron, I hope Lebron is holding up.

Party with Lebron and his 100 mill $ + contract in Vegas!

Meanwhile back in Ohio...

Now we know what parents feel like when they $upport a kid, and then they don`t remember their name when they hit it. Remember your roots son!

Good idea using these Lebron James fan T-Shirts to wash our car.

Yea, I tried giving them away to a thrift shop store, but No Go!