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Published:July 19th, 2010 16:19 EST
Manners is NOT a 4 letter word ... &^%$#!

Manners is NOT a 4 letter word ... &^%$#!

By Will Roberts

Will Says... Manners Matter!

You probably can`t see me blushing, but boy I have reason! Recently I was in a mall and over heard some folks talking.  Now I was not that good at English class, but I do know what an adverb is and boy did I hear some colorful ones.

Try this cheese, it`s $#*%in great!

Pardon my boyfriend, his manners @&$?in SUCK!

When your adverbs become explitives...That`s a #%@?PROBLEM!

Twitter me your manner thoughts: WillRogersUSA