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Published:July 25th, 2010 11:35 EST
Will Says... Take my wife's advice please!

Will Says... Take my wife's advice please!

By Will Roberts

Will Says... All I know is what I see on Twitter and one thing I can tell you is folks on Twitter are full of advice and quotes. Sometimes you might even find useful information. Like advice on dating from kids? Or advice to follow Justin Berber? Let`s just say that if you are looking for information that comes to you like the ticker at the New York Stock Exchange, Twitter is the place for you.

Found this bit of relationship advice today on Twitter. I was a little hesitant to consider it credible because it came from a guy. However, take a look:


@Rrothfeldt - The wisest man in the room is the one who does not speak. Unless given permission by his wife. 

Will: An even wiser man let`s his wife dress him before he leaves the house.