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Published:August 25th, 2010 13:44 EST
Republicans Concocted this Oba-lette!

Republicans Concocted this Oba-lette!

By Will Roberts

Will Says...

Eating is becoming a game of CHICKEN!

Not that I don`t trust these little guys... But every egg from now on has to take a test. Q: which came first, the chicken OR the FDA?

For the longest time I have been calling the FDA, the Federal Dollar Association. But with this egg scramble, I have concocted a new thought... If Republicans block all bills so that the President can`t get things done, stuff like this will happen. Back when Bush was in office, he took a little bit of money away from the FDA. Mr. Obama tried to increase that amount and the Republicans - Filibustered!

Stop Filibustering and start Filiabuilding.


Will Roberts

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