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Published:September 20th, 2010 16:54 EST
Will Says... Manners Matter! Keep a lid on it!

Will Says... Manners Matter! Keep a lid on it!

By Will Roberts

Will Says... Manners Matter!
Folks, I`m a little embarrassed to bring this out in the open, I would rather keep a lid on it.
But, guys... I`m seeing this WAY too much!

...A public toilet, only adult men can use it and it looks they hit everywhere but the center, IF you know what I mean.

*Lift the LID
*Clean if needed
*Put lid down

My Plan:
Print this out and throw in the toilet before using.


I am not sure If this is happening because people are angry at the world OR just trying to spell their name, or just lazy.

Part of me thinks it is that folks are angry. I mean, take a look next time you are driving around and you see the autos with the sticker of the little boy, going #1 on the FORD logo, and he is saying, F@&! Ford... that might be a little aggressive. If you don`t like it, don`t buy it. Or the folks with the trailer hitches that look like bull testicles.

Maybe I am just getting old (46), but I don`t find that funny. I`am old school... keep your pants on and 4 letter words are for folks that can`t write real punch lines.