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Published:January 24th, 2006 14:54 EST
Seeds of Hate: Sowing What You Reap

Seeds of Hate: Sowing What You Reap

By Sean Stubblefield

“And if you propose to them anything that upon the face of it seems profitable and courageous, though there be really a loss concealed under it which may involve the ruin of the republic, the multitude will ever be most easily persuaded to it.” 

Political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli wrote this is the 53rd of his series of Discourses. While his focus was on the nature of maintaining republics, this observation can just as easily be applied to individuals.


Heil Hitler!

Proud to be white, 13 year old girls Lynx and Lamb Gaede are born and raised White Nationalists (or separatists) who are also activists for the Aryan cause.

Known musically as Prussian Blue, these twins from Bakersfield, California sing Pro-White folk and pop music, and have been doing so since they were age 9.

Amazingly, they’ve even got a few CDs, a music video, concert DVD, international tours and fans. Interestingly, their music is not available at

But, to be fair, their songs tend more to be about loving Whites than hating other races.

According to Lamb and Lynx, they’re not calling for exterminating or dominating non-whites, just not associating with them, and instead fostering white solidarity and pride. They honestly mean well.

Which is hardly an endorsement from me, and is not to be interpreted as such.

It’s a shameful irony how something so pretty on the surface could be so ugly underneath. Choosing Prussian Blue as a name signifies their German heritage, blue eyes and their affection for that shade of blue. The beautifulness of the color which is their namesake belies, and yet is tarnished by, the messages of white superiority they advocate through their music. I don’t want this to be a critique of their music, but I will say this much. Despite the racist-- though often subtle-- content, their music isn’t half bad, and is only half good. Although they have decent singing voices, play their own instruments, work well together and are nice to look at, their performance is frequently unrefined and could use more practice and training, yet shows a lot of talent potential. But considering what they sing about, I’m not so sure I want them to ever fulfill that potential, and kind of prefer they stop singing.

Unless they change their tune, so to speak.

While they may be ignorant in their beliefs of segregation, interviews and their lyrics reveal them to be surprisingly intelligent and pleasant otherwise, and are rather articulate. Perhaps a dangerous combination. Not at all uneducated and unkempt white trash skinhead types as one might assume. Maybe Nazi’s really aren’t so bad.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

What’s even more incredible, especially even in these days, is that there is apparently a notable audience for this kind of Nazi propaganda, and that Prussian Blue is not unique in promoting and perpetuating it. By all indications, the Gaede sisters seem sincere in wanting to preserve their race against other races, and are not simply mimicking their parents. Though they perpetuate an evil in their attitude, my impression is that they are not evil incarnate, merely misguided. Paraphrasing from “the good book”: forgive them, they know not what they do.

Conventional wisdom paradoxically says that there is no such thing as bad press.

Writing about it, as I am doing, has the unfortunate side effect of giving them more publicity. Except for the fact that I think the public should be warned and informed about such disgraceful and pitiable abominations, I would suggest not advertising their existence by mentioning them, and attempt to ignore them into oblivion.

And now you know.

However, I don’t have to, and won’t, provide any links to them or to anything about them.

All that being said, as another philosopher, named Voltaire, declared:

"I may not agree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it".