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Published:January 31st, 2006 05:50 EST
Grand Theft Auto video game causes uproar

Grand Theft Auto video game causes uproar

By Andrew Chien

Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, have created a virtual environment where you can slice, beat, and shoot innocent civilians, do "business" with prostitutes, vandalize, car jack, and rewards all these deviant acts with money or some other form of payment. Unfortunately, something called the hot coffee mod allowed gamers to access a sexually explicit minigame.

When news about the Hot Coffee mod was made public; “Take Two Interactive pulled the game from the shelves, but only after it had already sold millions of copies. A re-rated version was later released.”
City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo wants the company to return the $10 million made in profits and to cease marketing their games to children. Also, an additional $2,500 fine for each untrue or misleading statement the company purportedly made about the games.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is rated M for Mature (ages 17 and up) for a very good reason. One reviewer on said, “The F-bomb is dropped every few moments, and African Americans are frequently called the N-word. Profanities of all kinds are prevalent and constant throughout the game. All of the violent and sexual adult content of the previous games is back, but ramped up to new levels of intensity. The prostitues (sp) are back, but this time the main character not only employs their services, but also acts as pimp, delivering the hookers to others.” Yet Delgadillo wants the company to suffer because of one explicit sex minigame that requires you to download a mod.

Why does our society readily accept violence over sex? We have a whole culture of television and movies telling every new generation that you can solve any problem with violence. However, any issue whether real or imagined dealing with sexuality is considered a huge taboo. Remember, the outcry over the purple teletubby? Remember Bert and Ernie sharing a bath? Remember the Janet Jackson nipple incident and we didn’t even get to see her nipple?

Why Delgadillo seems to single out the Hot Coffee Mod from all the other offensive things from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? I don’t know. The situation overall is confusing. However, I think a writer for named Tor Thorsen sums it up nicely: “Given that the minigame is about as raunchy as an episode of Sex and the City, cannot be accessed without entering a long string of cheat codes, and takes several hours of effort to access, charges that San Andreas is pornographic may seem extreme to some. However, its existence does appear to contradict Rockstar Games’ carefully worded statement blaming hacker mischief for the existence of the Hot Coffee mod.