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Published:March 8th, 2006 03:13 EST
Help Wanted?

Help Wanted?

By Laurie Salem

Having noticed the rapid approach of the end of my college career, I have noticed the urgency in procuring postgraduate employment.  I have spent the last few weeks calling around for information about jobs that struck my fancy in the Baltimore Sun.

I admit that I get a little excited when I see the salary offerings and in my haste plan my financial future around this job.  I settle myself near the phone, with my resume handy (in case they asked questions), and my most professional voice.  The conversation starts the same way, with a greeting I have deemed appropriate and then I ask about the job.  Everything goes well until they ask me about my experience.  Then it starts... my pulse quickens... sweat beads on my forehead...  I gasp for air and then I declare that I do not have any experience.  There is no measurement of time to compare to how fast the phone call is over.

Weeks of this continuous cycle has lead me to the conclusion that you need experience to get a job... at least a good job.  I have tried all different fields from carpentry to face painting (who knew you needed experience to be a face painter) to summer camp counselor and have met with the same thing, "No experience, and no thank you".

So, the problem is, how do you get experience for a job if no one will hire you?  That is where internships come in handy.  They provide you with hands- on training in the field that you want to go into.  If you are lucky, you can get a paid internship but most are unpaid. 

In addition, really, how can you put a price on the invaluable lessons you are taught first hand from the professionals.  New intern wardrobe: $100.  Gas to run to the coffee shop, Kinko's, dry cleaners: $25.  Working with the pros: priceless.