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Published:May 14th, 2006 05:09 EST
Middle America

Middle America

By Natassia Donohue


  Welcome to Middle America, ladies and gentleman.

            Please be advised that the following content is unsuitable for people who experience the following:

            Extreme Optimism

            Easy Money "

            True Love

            Management asks that participants please keep their chipper attitudes to themselves, and words of wisdom must remain unspoken at all times.

            Use of weapons and/or illicit drugs is strictly optional, but please remember to respect the actions of no one but yourself.

            Last but not least, please remember that everything is the truth.

            Welcome to my life, ladies and gentleman.

            Middle America is, by my own definition, the technical working class, the lost generation of people that simply exist... making no mark on anything of significance. Middle America includes most of the college population, struggling mothers and fathers, and anyone else that has given up on achieving the American Dream, and whose sole purpose in life is to die debt-free.

            Middle America are the people who make too much money for any kind of government assistance, but too little money to afford any great luxury.

            I belong to Middle America, and I must say we are a sad group of people.

            Everyone has their own story, and most are similar in one aspect.


The country has let us down. America. Once prided for being the land of making dreams come true, it is now the land of crushing them. It is no longer easy to build a life in one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Staples of a beneficial existence are becoming further and further out of reach for the average American. The cost of education and health care is higher than ever, and the government is continuously cutting back its funding.

Apparently, subsidizing already rich companies is more important than taking care of the American work force.

Of course, who am I to speak against the greatest super power in the world?

I don`t have an ivy-league education (because I can`t afford it) and my parents are both working class with no political pull. No one is going to listen to little old me. So where does that leave me?

It leaves me where I started- 22, working full time, and going to community college full time so I can find a job that pays more than $8 an hour, and maybe, just maybe, make a name for myself in the world.

Unlike many others in Middle America, I refuse to let faithlessness be the bane of my existence. I believe that the possibility for change exists, and with the right attitude it can happen.

Because this is OUR country. This country belongs to the work force that builds its buildings, teaches its children, and feeds the hungry. America belongs to the farmers who provide our food, the children that ensure the existence of our nation, and the elderly who hold the wisdom we need to avoid mistakes.  It belongs to the innovative thinkers who want to preserve our environment, and care for the morale and soul of the people, not just the money in their pockets, and the money in our economy.

All of these people make up part of Middle America, and it is up to us to take back our country. It is Middle America, the majority, that needs to have a major say in the operations of our country, and it is the job of the government to help educate us to make the best decisions. We cannot strive to be a world dominating power when most of the country remains ignorant and without the essentials of knowledge.

It is time for Middle America to speak up, and not fear the administration. We must demand reform, and quickly.

            Middle America must unite, and speak their stories, because they must be heard.

            These stories are the voice of America, and it is silence that kills the revolution.