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Published:May 15th, 2006 03:06 EST

Goverment says U.F.O's are a Mania

By Rasha Lamba

After years of army investigation, the fact about the existence of U.F.O`s (Unidentified Flying Objects) is supported with strong evidence of thier presence, and that these things are coming and going always. But, the government is still resisting this evidence on the strict agenda that U.F.O`s do not exist, and talking about it is foolishness, but pass-time of many.  They conducted experiments to make sure of what is going on, and according to them the objects in the sky seen by many may be objects thrown by some person(s) just for fun, or some natural phenomenon within our physical laws.

Such a dismissal hurts the emotions of those innocent people who really faced these encounters and opened their mouth in public regarding this topic.  The true got entangled with the untrue, as some started telling fake stories of alien encounters and abductions, some created fake videos. Some people are really on a big move to prove these things are absolutely wrong and try to show in every law of science that maybe some of these people who claim to experience U.F.O.s really don`t understand much about science properly. If somebody actually knows something about what`s really going on, then they are ahead of all learned scientists and is a opportunity for them to get famous.

But, if real scientists deny U.F.O.s, then this is sad, as they doesn`t want to know these extraordinary laws of physics. These non-believers were always a block in the path of new xplorations, inventions, adventure, etc through ages. Because of them, also, the initiative for going beyond has historically inspired people, resulting in mind blowing developments.

U.F.O`s have been sighted from early ages of history, with some sightings referred to in our age-old historical and religious books. 

With evolving theories of Earth`s origin and new dimensions revealing by science, new understanding of physical laws is coming into conception. We must at least accept the fact that there is much we still do not know or comprehend, and it is possible that we are not the only living world floating in space. Maybe these aliens, as we call them, began living before the formation of our world. Maybe every visit they try is an awaiting to get our science more close to them, so that the interconnection will be properly done.

We must not create a belief in these official declarations as they are changing every time we learn something new. The dispute is within themselves, also for the same.  Next time, when you see a U.F.O in the sky, restore it in your mind forever and think of being a very fortunate person. Whether, they are visiting-- IF they are viditing-- with good or bad intentions, we do not know... but there is one thing is sure.  That if an invasion is their way to officially appear to us, then our poor officials may not have time for another declaration.