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Published:May 15th, 2006 08:05 EST
Speculative: Jack the Ripper - A New Look at the Story

Speculative: Jack the Ripper - A New Look at the Story

By SOP newswire2

Jack the Ripper! Few names in history are as instantly recognizable as this name! This is the personality about whom there has been considerable hostile debate trough the centuries, and who was considered both as a brutal murderer and-- at the same time-- a father of Humanism.

The name evokes a scene of lingering fog, a silence and fear of a faceless prowler who was embued with the unlimited power to give his gift of a cruel Death by his long knife-- his Protector. The five brutal murders are shocking even to the most professional crime experts in the present days, and the fact that he comes out of the fog, to kill in a fierce and brutal manner and afterwards disappears into thin air makes him the person with the most suitable "ingredients` for being a part of a perennial story of a most ferocious killer.

Numerous books and studious discourses were written on this subject, and several movies were filmed, but the vast majority of the general public still imagines a murderous monster. But is that the whole truth? Can`t he have a good reason to act as he did? No devoted Christian minded person would acquit his actions because, to them, these murders remain one of the greatest sins and breaches of the Ten Commandments of God. But can`t it be possible that Jack the Ripper, in reality, was a God-sent angel... perhaps an agent of God?

The idea sounds really thought-provoking, but in this short article I will do my best in order to break the conventional circle of knowledge and imagination of people worldwide by presenting them with a disparate idea that they should feel with their hearts and not process the information through an act of mental energy. This might be considered primitive or simplistic, but only those who can conceive such a force, who have imagined the raw power that this person possessed, would be able to understand this motif.

After so many years, the story still remains unsolved. This is due to the strong impact of the prominent figure, who guards carefully such secrets. Thousands of faiths are mixed into a single story that some might find melodramatic, but thousands of living creatures where changed for eternity, and this strong fact makes us not forget about that days when God sent a messenger to Earth with a very special mission. However, what was that mission? What could be that mission?

In those days of old, people were living a lot differently than we could even imagine today. Angels were commonly believed to descend to Earth as messengers and servants of their hallowed God, in order to enact God`s often violent and vindictive justice. Yes, as representatives of God`s hand, Angels were sometimes said to kill in the name of God. Church members were taking part actively in the Holy Inquisition and were viciously and remorselessly killing thousands of innocents in the name of their faith, because they believed it was what their God demanded of them. Ironically, The Church turned out to be not the one that God wanted it to be- " it became a tourniquet of the Powers of Evil. Then something strange took place one night in Londo- " a pro*titute was killed!

But not simply killed- " she was ripped up in the most savage and, at the same time, elegant manner. The person that has done this surely was a well-educated and religiously devoted person. Religiously devoted?!

Yes, a true Christian that cared about the others because, after another murder, he left a sign on a wall in order to show to the world that Jews who were said to be guilty are totally innocent for these murders. A spirit of Vengeance, Jack the Ripper was a Messenger sent from God in order to show the world that it needed a change; that it needed to become really devoted to Faith; that people needed to be more open minded and in reality inquisitive; that it should be Humane; that it should obey the Ten Commandments and have a real Faith. It may seem counter-intuitive, as his means contradicted his intended ends.

These atrocious murders were meant to lay that foundation of Humanity and, in fact, after so many years, people came to realize that with such a timeless memorial as the behavior of Jack the Ripper, Humanity will never die in our hearts, in our minds. A person once said: "We have to remember and learn from History!`, and exactly this we do by recalling the image of Jack the Ripper- " a brutal murderer in the eyes of some and a God-sent angel for others. The Truth remains inside the mystery "

Originally contributed by a writer who is no longer affiliated with theSOP.